When You Wish Upon a Star…

Huff the Hubs and I have been freaking out over getting things prepped for Hermione’s arrival. But we’re so unprepared! No, I’m not talking about bottles, diapers, and toys. I’m talking about DISNEY MOVIES.

Our Disney collection is missing so much! How can we expect to raise a girl that has the manners of Snow White, the brains of Belle, and the kick-a spirit of Mulan if we don’t have these movies?! Sigh… 

What’s even sadder is I know people who are my age and have NEVER seen any Disney princess movies. I know, I know…I can’t believe it either. When I hear this from people, I’m reminded of an eCard:

disney magic



To add some magic to your day, I’ve found some delightful Disney nuggets! Get ready to sing to every woodland creature you pass and pretend like you’re really a princess trapped in a tower. Its about to get fairy-tale freaky up in here.


First, check out this adorable Doo Wop A Cappella Group from UMass Amherst. They’re aca-awesome.


These boys are ADORABLE. They decided to create a music video as though the Disney Princes were a boy band (see if you can hear all the pop songs the group incorporated into their Disney medley.)


And finally, when you watch this next video I dare you not to cry. Or at least get a little misty. This chick not only has amazing make-up skills, but she can belt out those Disney songs like none other!



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