Adventures in Delivery

I’m back, everyone!

Its been a while! And man have things changed! I’m a MOM! Can you believe it?!

Let me tell ya, it was not an easy road: 18 hours of labor, 2 hours of pushing, and one freak-out moment where I though my baby was going to burst out of my chest a la Aliens.

But, after all that, Hermione Jean came into the world!

Not to get all mushy, but the girl is freaking ADORABLE! And, seeing her in her daddy’s arms is enough to make me melt.

And not gonna lie, I’m absolutely exhausted. I don’t get to shower everyday. And I actually miss work!

Even though at times I feel like a zombie, its been totally worth it. When I watch that sweet little girl in her swing or see her smile or hear her cute little coos in while she’s sleeping, I forget the uncomfortable third trimester and the pain of childbirth.

When women would say: “Oh you forget about the pain” I wanted to smack them and say: “You’re an idiot. How can you forget the fact that basically the bottom half of your body just exploded?”

But now? I totally get it.


Don’t worry; I’ll keep the gross posts about poop and spit up to a minimum. But I can’t guarantee I won’t post a million pictures of my cute little padawan.