Try It Tuesday

Has anyone else noticed the annoying little flies that buzz around and seem to never go away?


Before I had Hermione, my buddy Anthony wrote a Try It Tuesday post about how to deal with these annoying little bugs.

What you will need:

Apple Cider Vinegar

1 bowl, jar, or bottle

1 piece of plastic wrap

Tricks of the trade.

Tricks of the trade.


Fill the bottom of the bowl about a ¼ of an inch with vinegar.

Place a piece of plastic wrap on top and wrap around the bowl.

Poke 7 – 10 holes into the top of the plastic wrap with a ball point pen. The holes need to be big enough for the fruit fly to climb in.

Once in, it will not be able to fly out.

Get ready, flies. We're coming for ya!

Get ready, flies. We’re coming for ya!

Then, place your bowl or jar out in the open. Preferably near any fruit you have sitting out on the counter. Then, let the vinegar do its job!

BAM. Take that.

BAM. Take that.

This really does work, guys! I have a jar sitting out on our counter and the flies have VANISHED!

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