Government Shutdown Memes

We are now on Day Ten of the government shutdown. To be honest, I haven’t really been watching the news or reading up on what all is going on. (Call me a bad American if you will. I call myself “a new first-time mom that barely has time to eat lunch, let alone watch the news”.) From what I do know, its as though both sides are acting like spoiled children. And even though the country is a little topsy-turvy, its given great material for late-night talk show hosts as well as a huge boom in internet memes. And you guys know how much I love a good meme! Here are a few of the gems circling around the interwebs.



Why do I feel like all of Britain feels this way?

"I can finally get the people I used to own!"

This solution seems reasonable…

photo 2

Even the wizarding world knows how it feels to have the government shutdown:

I’m just as frustrated as you, Captain.

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