Try It Tuesday

Typically I like to do Try Its that are edible or crafty. But this week, I decided to do something else. 

With a new baby, its tough to get alone time with your spouse. Heck, even without a new baby its tough to find time in busy schedules to spend quality time together. 

But thanks to The Dating Divas, I have found some awesome date night ideas! This weekend, Huff the Hubs and I tried one of their ideas! 

Dating Divas


It was really fun and super easy! 

I printed out the game board:

Let's get ready to rumble!

Let’s get ready to rumble!

and Huff the Hubs and I got started. We both had a sheet with questions that we had to answer:

What's your favorite color? The color of victory.

What’s your favorite color? The color of victory.


After we filled in our answers, we asked each other our questions. Such as, I had to ask Huff the Hubs what my favorite dessert was. If he got it right, he moved down the board, if he got it wrong, he had to move backward. (Its cheesecake by the way). 

It was so much fun! We haven’t laughed so much in a such a long time! It was so cool to see who knew more about each other (and how we didn’t really know ourselves as much as we thought). There was more than one time when HtH said my guesses were better than the ones he wrote down. I guess that’s why I won!

Behold, the winner!

Behold, the winner!

You really need to check out the Dating Divas’ website! They have so many fun ideas! They have scavenger hunts, date nights that are out of the house, date nights in the house, and dates for every budget!

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