Band Nerds?

I used to think that people in band were nerds. After all, they played instruments and didn’t seem to have any athletic ability. That was the definition of a nerd, right?


Oh how wrong I was. I remember going to my first OU Football game about four years ago and seeing The Pride do their thang at halftime. It was pouring down rain and yet they still looked and sounded AMAZING. I was so impressed with their hard work and commitment. I felt like they were working just as hard as the guys in the jerseys.


Just think about it: people in band are probably up at the school/university just as much if not more than athletes. If they’re in marching band, they’re stomping around for hours out in the hot sun in the spring and summer or freezing their tails off in the fall and winter.


They’ve got dedication coming out the wazoo! I tried learning to play the guitar and I could barely pluck out Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! These people are playing many complex songs they learned like, a week ago! And they sound good!


Still not convinced? Check out these amazing videos of marching bands:





(This post came to mind when my friend posted a video of the Ohio State marching band doing this awesome halftime show! They have also done a Disney tribute! Magic!)

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