Get Ready

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Are you excited?!


I am.

I know how I’ll be spending my morning:

macy's parade


I’ve already taken the necessary precautions by making sure my wardrobe is not too tight: big pants


I’ve decided which foods I plan to gorge myself on:

ron hogwarts



And those to avoid:


jiggly cranberry



I’ve resigned myself to the fact that someone in my family is going to do something incredibly dumb and will be the subject of jokes for the next few family functions:

monica turkey



And I’ve got my list written (and maps to the stores) for Black Friday shopping:

black friday



In other words, “Let’s do this!”

joey thanksgiving



I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday! I’ll see you Monday!

happy thanksgiving

Try It Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, people!

If you’re still in need of some dessert ideas, have I got one for you!

Today’s Try It is PERFECT for Thanksgiving. Its delicious, decadent, AND already in single-serve portions (so you don’t indulge too much).

My sister, Bridget, found this pin on Pinterest:

Two of my favorite things: Oreo and cheesecake.

Two of my favorite things: Oreo and cheesecake.

First, she gathered her ingredients:

This is all you need!

This is all you need!

That’s right! All she needed was a pack of Oreos and a Jello-O No Bake Cheesecake.

First, she lined her cupcake tin with cupcake cups. Then, she placed Oreos in each one:



Then, she mixed up the cheesecake:




Then, she poured the cheesecake mixture over the cookies:

Ooooh yeaaahh...

Ooooh yeaaahh…


To add a little pizzazz, she ground up some Oreos in the food processor and sprinkled them on top:

Best. Garnish. Ever.

Best. Garnish. Ever.


Ta da!

Ta da!


OMG, you guys, this was So. Freaking. Good. I may  have eaten two. Okay, three. Okay, three and a half. Seriously guys, this is one of the simplest, tastiest desserts I’ve ever had!

Think of Your Fellow Man, Lend Him a Helping Hand…

Thanksgiving is in three days, y’all. I can already smell the turkey and feel the blost of a full belly. We have so much to be thankful for! I know I do! I’ve got a great family, friends, and a great job. Unfortunately, not everyone can say the same.


With the recession, healthcare costs coming out of the wazoo, and many people facing unemployment, not everyone is in for a happy holiday season. But, thankfully, there are many great programs out there for you to show some love to your fellow man!


Food Bank

0804 CFS Food Finders

Just about every state has a Food Bank that its residents can go to and donate food and other items. Many Food Banks will also let you donate monetarily right on their website!


Angel Tree

angel tree

Project Angel Tree is a great organization that helps the children of incarcerated parents get the Christmas they deserve. Typically, these programs are run through a church, but some shopping malls also have an Angel Tree set up so you can pick a child’s name off its branches and help make a child’s Christmas great!



Toys for Tots

toys for tots

The U.S. Marine Corps started Toys for Tots back in 1948 when a corporal’s wife wanted to donate Raggedy Ann dolls to needy kids but couldn’t find an organization to do so. Over its life span, Toys for Tots has given over 469 million toys to more than 216 million less fortunate children!



Operation Christmas Child

OCC Haiti

This is another awesome charity. Run by Samaritan’s Purse (a great organization that helped Oklahomans out A LOT after the tornadoes this year) this yearly drive is geared toward helping children in third-world/developing countries. All you do is pack a shoebox full of toys, school supplies, hygeiene items, and other necessities that will help a child in need. This year, they’re partnering with America’s favorite rednecks: the folks from Duck Dynasty!


Fan Girl Friday

Happy chilly Friday!

Winter is in full swing now here in Oklahoma. And, for the rest of the world, winter is coming. (Like that segue?)

And what better way to prep for winter (and another blood-bath-filled season on your favorite HBO series) than by making lots of yummy baked treats? And where will you store such treats? In a jar fit for a khaleesi.

Don't awaken the dragon.

Don’t awaken the dragon.


The second film installment in the Hunger Games series opened last night. Show your solidarity with Katniss as she fights her way through the arena with this awesome bangle from Think Geek:

"A gold token so we can all match."

“A gold token so we can all match.”


As the chilly weather approaches, you don’t want Old Man Winter (AKA, The Ice King) slowing you down as you fight monsters, goblins, and vampires for riches! Bundle up like the great adventurer himself! Yellow pooch sidekick not included.





Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for, Whovians. Its the 50th Anniversary special: The Day of the Doctor. I. CANNOT. WAIT. I’ve already got a list of snacks I’m going to indulge in whilst sitting in front of the telly (and oh yes, it includes fish fingers and custard as well as jammy dodgers) and I think I’ve found just the thing to wear:

"Not bad for a man in his jim jams, eh?"

“Not bad for a man in his jim jams, eh?”

Welcome to the 75th Hunger Games!

Its the day we’ve waited for since this time last year, Tributes! Oh yes, its opening day for Catching Fire! *NERD SQUEEEE*!!!

If you haven’t seen the trailer for this, you’ve obviously been living under a rock. It looks AMAZING. I know when beloved books are made into a movie, they sometimes leave out important or fan-loved elements (don’t even get me started on the lack of S.P.E.W. in Harry Potter or the fact that they left out Madge Undersee in the first Hunger Games movie) so I’ve prepared myself for that. However, there are still so many scenes I cannot wait for (and hope they do right).


The Arena

When the arena was described in the book, I had a specific idea of what I thought it should look like. And, from what I could see from the trailer, it looks like what I envisioned:

Tick tock.

Tick tock.



Does this one really need an explanation?

"Sugar cube?"

“Sugar cube?”


The Jabberjay Scene

When I read this part in the movie, I seriously got choked up and almost boo-hooed. You know the scene: Katniss is in the arena and thinks she hears her sister, Prim. When she gets to where she believes Prim’s voice is coming from, she only sees Jabberjays. And then craziness ensues.

I think Katniss could use a Xanax.

I think Katniss could use a Xanax.


Finnick carrying Mags

I loved Finnick and Mags’ relationship in the book. Because they were from the same District (and Mag’s sacrifice–spoiler! You find out in Book 3) they have a close bond. I’m looking forward to seeing that on the big screen.

Run, Finnick, run!

Run, Finnick, run!


Katniss and Peeta’s Relationship

Katniss kind of makes me mad in the second book. Mostly because she starts to remind me of Bella. BUT, I do like how Peeta and Katniss’s relationship really blossoms and turns into (what the audience knows) is true love (even though Katniss is too stubborn to see it). I just hope that the filmmakers (and actors) get it right!

Representin' District 12.

Representin’ District 12.


I’m sure that I’ll love the movie. I will admit, the first time I saw Hunger Games I wasn’t sure how I felt, but the more I watched it, the more I liked it. And…I’m also sure that there will be elements that were in the book left out of the movie. Which, will probably cause a big bout of nerd rage.




But, I guess that’s what we fangirls and boys know we’re getting into when our beloved books, comic books, or graphic novels hit Hollywood. What scenes are you most looking forward to?




Try It Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

So, yesterday I didn’t do a Try It Tuesday because I was trying desperately to calm a very fussy baby, so the conditions were not conducive to trying to bake, cook, or craft. But today is a different story! Little Miss is in a good mood, which means Momma is in a good mood. And when Momma is in a good mood, everyone wins. Including you!

So today, I’m doing a Try It Wednesday!

For today’s TIW, I’m actually going to try something not from Pinterest *gasp*! Shocking, I know.

Back at my baby shower this summer, a mommy-friend of mine gave me this cookie mix:

milk makers

Its Milk Makers Lactation Cookies! Apparently, they are made with all natural ingredients that are supposed to help boost your milk supply. All of the ingredients are organic (yay!) and packed with milk boosting ju-ju! I haven’t had a chance to try them, so I thought I would do so today!

First I gathered my ingredients:

Please ignore the overflowing basket of laundry in the background.

Please ignore the overflowing basket of laundry in the background.

All you need is:

1 package Milk Makers Cookie Mix

2 eggs

1 stick butter

2 tablespoons water

I preheated my oven to 350 and started to work. First, I softened the stick of butter (I used hormone-free butter; I wanted these bad boys to be as good as possible!) . It took it a while to soften up (that’s what she said) and so I had to nuke it for about 20 seconds (long enough to soften but not so long that it melted):

Paula Deen's favorite ingredient.

Paula Deen’s favorite ingredient.

Then, I added the (organic) eggs and water and mixed well:

The butter was still a little chunky. Bah.

The butter was still a little chunky. Bah.

Finally, I added in the entire bag of cookie mix:

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. The "M" has nipples.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. The “M” has nipples.

The package said that after you blend everything together, that the mix is supposed to make 12 cookies. Well…. that would make for HUGE cookies! So I scooped out a normal cookie-size scoop and placed them on my greased cookie sheet:

Me want cookie!

Me want cookie!

After about 11 minutes, the cookies were done and ready to be taste-tested:

Nom, nom, nom.

Nom, nom, nom.

They were SUPER yummy (I mean, I did eat 3!). I don’t know if they actually help with lactation (its too soon to tell) but I will definitely be eating these yummy cookies every day until they’re gone. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Overheard Lately Part Deux

I’ve blogged about how I have a gift for being at the right place at the time when it comes to hearing bits of conversations. You know what I’m talking about. Those moments you walk in or past someone and only catch one snigglet of the convo and you’re all:


Here are a few gems I’ve heard over the past few days:


“He’s so cute I just want to punch him!”



“That’s like leaving off the cheese and replacing it with a penis.”



“She said she needs to buy my old iPhone because she broke hers throwing it at his [her boyfriend] car.” 



Girl #1: “Ugh! My mom wants to know where I am! I’m like, ‘Gah, do you have to know where I am every second of the day?’ Where’s my privacy?” 

Girl #2: “Oh, I forgot to check-in that we were here on Facebook.”

Girl #1: “Ooh, tag me!” 



“Then call your doctor and see if he can remove it without reporting it.”