Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday, folks! We are officially on countdown mode! There’s only 15 days left to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special! I can already hear the vromp of the Tardis coming in for a landing and the soft patter of Converses hitting the pavement!

Excited yet?!


You will be after today’s post! I’ve got some wonderful Whovian goodies for you to feast your eyes upon today!

Get ready to make a plate of fish fingers and custard and settle in to watch your favorite Raggedy Man wearing this fashionable robe that transcends all of time and space:




Maybe you need to take up a hobby to pass the time until the 50th Anniversary Special. Take a cue from Clara and take up baking! Or, just wear this tee and pretend like you made the souffle you got from the supermarket:

Where'd she get the milk?

Where’d she get the milk?


Need some more Who to get you through? Check out the latest teaser trailer that just hit the interwebs:



Did you know that there are going to be screenings all over the U.S. of The Day of the Doctor in 3D?! Click here to see if there’s a showing near you! (There are TWO near me! I need to buy my tickets!)

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