Overheard Lately Part Deux

I’ve blogged about how I have a gift for being at the right place at the time when it comes to hearing bits of conversations. You know what I’m talking about. Those moments you walk in or past someone and only catch one snigglet of the convo and you’re all:


Here are a few gems I’ve heard over the past few days:


“He’s so cute I just want to punch him!”



“That’s like leaving off the cheese and replacing it with a penis.”



“She said she needs to buy my old iPhone because she broke hers throwing it at his [her boyfriend] car.” 



Girl #1: “Ugh! My mom wants to know where I am! I’m like, ‘Gah, do you have to know where I am every second of the day?’ Where’s my privacy?” 

Girl #2: “Oh, I forgot to check-in that we were here on Facebook.”

Girl #1: “Ooh, tag me!” 



“Then call your doctor and see if he can remove it without reporting it.”

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