You’re a Mean One…

There’s still 37 days until Christmas and I’m already so done with the holiday season.


Saturday, Huff the Hubs and I went shopping. Big mistake.


I told him, “Its not even Thanksgiving and I feel so behind on my Christmas shopping!” I was determined to get some shopping done. I was excited at the thought of picking things out for my family and friends; after all, I’m the (self-appointed) queen of getting people great gifts.

This was basically me:


After about 20 minutes of being out in public, I quickly changed my tune.


People kept cutting me off as I drove to the stores or they’d get in front of me and slam on their brakes. Causing me to do this:

(Click me)

(Click me)

Then, once I got to the store, they’d do the same thing. Or, they would get about 3 inches from me and look over my shoulder as I perused the racks.


Finally, I had had enough. When I met up with HtH at American Eagle, I threw my hands up and said: “Social niceties have been suspended for the rest of the day! I’ll see you at the Great American Cookie Company kiosk!”


I proceeded to run over any feet that were in my way with the stroller, huffing, puffing, and mumbling profanities under my breath. I ordered my cookie and ate it angrily. I stomped out to the car and when HtH got in he looked at me, smiled and sang: “It’s the holiday season, boop be doop!”


And, trying so hard to not let my face crack, I laughed. That guy knows how to make a Grinch smile. And then, I felt bad for my attitude.


So…. I guess what I’m trying to say is: don’t be a jerk this holiday season. Don’t cut people off; give them adequate space when looking at the same items in the store, and should you see an angry woman pushing a stroller with a purpose as she heads to the cookie counter, for the love of Santa get out of her way!

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