Try It Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

We are no win the home stretch in the countdown to Christmas! Its only 15 days away! That’s just a little over two weeks! TWO. WEEKS. Got your shopping done yet? Your menus planned? No? Well then, its a good thing I’ve got a tasty treat for you to try!

Oh. My. OREO.

Oh. My. OREO.

This yummy dessert has only THREE ingredients: Oreos, butter, and marshmallows. Three of the main holiday food groups (in my opinion).

You’ll need one package of Oreos, 4 tablespoons butter, and 5 cups marshmallows (not the minis; the bigger ones). I got the holiday Oreos–you know, the red centered ones–not the originals. Anyway, after you gather your ingredients, you’ll need to get out the food processor and chop up the package of Oreos.



I seriously wanted to just pour in some milk and eat this like cereal! Doesn’t it look just DELICIOUS?! But I digress…moving on!

After that, I poured the marshmallows and butter into a microwave-safe bowl.

Oooh yeaahh!

Oooh yeaahh!


I put the mallows and butter in the microwave for about a minute.

Marshmallow-y goodness!

Marshmallow-y goodness!

I also wanted to eat this with a spoon…drool….

Then, I put the chopped up Oreos in the marshmallow mixture and stirred.

Again with the blurriness. Oi.

Again with the blurriness. Oi.

Then, I poured it all into a pan. Unfortunately, the only pan that was clean was one that would’ve made the bars way too thin. So I ended up doing this:

Looks disgusting. But its not!

Looks disgusting. But its not!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “That looks like raw meat!” Yeah. I know. It looks pretty janky. I was hoping it’d look more festive, seeing as how they were holiday Oreos. But even though they look nasty, they’re actually REALLY good! My advice? Use regular Oreos. Also, don’t grind the Oreos down to a fine powder. Process them until there are still some chunks in there. That’ll make the bars have a better consistency.

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