Lego Lurve

Sorry there was no blog post yesterday. My Maryland family came in to town and pretty much life as we know it was halted so we could all bask in the adorableness of my niece and nephews (and so the new aunt and uncle could meet their new niece).

They also brought their advent calenders, which not surprisingly, are Lego-themed.

My oldest nephew, Noah, is a Lego FANATIC. The kid has about ninety sets. Yeah, you read that right: NINETY. Luckily, his uncle lurves Legos just as much, so they can spend hours building, tearing down, and rebuilding all kinds of things.

I really think that one day, Huff the Hubs or Noah will build something like this:

Isn’t that insane?!

Its made entirely of Legos! It took the guy about 20 months to build and it runs on compressed air. How awesome would it be to drive up to the premiere of The Lego Movie in that thing?

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