Its that time of year again…

…time to refill my Xanax.


I don’t know why but ever since Thanksgiving, I’ve been feeling a little blue. Maybe its the weather, maybe its that yet another year has come and {almost} gone, or maybe its the fact that this is typically the time of year when I get all wistful and start getting nostalgic for days gone by.

But its Christmas! I should be happy! I should be like Buddy the Elf and spazzing out about all the crazy-awesome things this time of year brings. But I find myself sitting around, worrying myself into a pit, too focused on the gray skies and naked trees to enjoy the holiday season. Except when I’m able to stuff  my face with all of the yummy goodies made by family members, friends, and Russel Stover. Then, after about 30 pieces of chocolate, I look back at my day and realize I haven’t done anything except keep the baby fed and maybe eat lunch. Which sends me into an anxiety-spiral.

anxiety cat 4


Surely I’m not the only one, right? Clearly winter blues is widespread when there’s an aptly-named acronym for Seasonal Affective Disorder (S. A. D.; and yes, I realize it may not be grammatically correct…I didn’t come up with this, okay?).

But, luckily, I have found some things that help to keep me smiling!

1. Don’t just stay inside all day. 

I know getting out and about this time of year can be more terrifying than comforting sometimes, what with people pepper-spraying people just to get their hands on a Furby, but staying cooped up will only add to the blues (and possibly make you crazy).

bmo gif


2. Eat healthy. Well, as healthy as you can. 

When you eat good food, it makes you feel good. I know that this is the time of year when everybody at work brings in their latest Pinterest creations and treats basically fall from the sky like snowflakes. But if you eat well, you’ll feel well. I’ve been trying to at least eat a good breakfast, full of protein, and a good lunch. Then I divulge in the holiday treats.

buddy the elf


3. Stay connected. 

Whether you’re texting, calling, or Face Time-ing, its important to stay connected and in contact with people you love and care about. And studies show that even a short, 5-minute conversation with a loved one can boost your mood! So don’t just surf Facebook, call up your pal!



4. Get some exercise.

Believe me, this is the LAST thing I want to do in the winter. When its cold out, I just want to put on my sweats, lay on the couch, and binge-watch Four Weddings on Netflix. But I know that working out will get my endorphins up and help me to make better choices later. If its not too chilly out, you could take a quick walk around the block, hop on your bike and ride down to the store, or call up a friend and walk around the mall! Just MOVE!




Do you find yourself getting blue around the holidays? What do you do to make yourself feel better?

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