Geek Gift-Giving Guide

Happy Friday, folks!

Typically I do a Fan Girl Friday on the last day of the week, but since Christmas is in a mere 12 days, I thought I’d do ya a solid and help you figure out what to get the geek on your list!


Typically, those involved in fandoms aren’t that difficult to buy for. Basically anything that remotely looks like a Tardis or the battlestar known as Gallactica will tickle any fan girl or boys fancy. But, if you’re unsure of what items go to which fandom, why, I’m here to assist!


For the Whovian on your list:


Celebrate! Celebrate! (In style!)

Celebrate! Celebrate! (In style!)


For when they watch "Blink" at night...

For when they watch “Blink” at night…


For the Tribute:

Take Finnick with you wherever you go!

Take Finnick with you wherever you go!


For the Tolkien:


You shall not pass...up this awesome gift!

You shall not pass…up this awesome gift!


For the Batfan (wordplay!):

The Dark Tights

The Dark Tights


For the Khaleesi:


Poached, scrambled, or fried?

Poached, scrambled, or fried?


And even if your Secret Santa isn’t a nerd, I’ve got other gifts too!


For the one with too much energy:

Work off some of that egg nog!

Work off some of that egg nog!


For the one who—how do I say this nicely—frequents Taco Bell?


Put an end to stink!

Put an end to stink!

For the manly man:


"I'll take all the bacon and eggs you've got."

“I’ll take all the bacon and eggs you’ve got.”


For the photographer:


Plush lens caps not included.

Plush lens caps not included.


Their Is Something Wrong With They’re Grammar*

One of my biggest pet peeves is bad grammar/poor spelling. It really irks me. There have been many times when I’ll log in to Facebook and see someone’s status that says something like:

“Whatever h8rs, your stupid.” 

When I read that, I shake my head and mourn for humanity. Being a writer and self-appointed grammar Nazi, I thought myself too educated to make such silly mistakes and fall into the wormhole of awful grammar. However, it has been pointed out to me that I have made such mistakes.

My, how the mighty have fallen.

Yesterday while asking my sister if she read my blog, she said: “Yeah, I read it. No spelling mistakes this time. Its about time.”

“What?!” I replied, thinking she was just jesting. But then, I looked over my previous posts. She was right.


(In my defense, I write most of blogs while trying to soothe a fussy baby and/or cooking dinner and doing a host of other things. I’m a multi-tasker.)

So, in the spirit of self-deprecation, I bring you some of my favorite grammar faux pas:


copulation sexy workplace

Must be a sexy workplace.


Sometimes you’re an idiot.

Dunkin Donuts

You were? Way to rub it in our faces, Dunkin.

guess neville works here

I guess the wreckers majored in Transfiguration.


No, you’re drunk.


I guess this is where you’d find an autobiography on the guy that plays Frasier.

I guess it all happens to the best of us. But next time, I’ll be sure to use spell-check. (And, just a tip, if there’s a squiggly red line under your word, that means its not correct.)

bad spellers

*Yes, I know those are not the proper words to use there. Its called word-play.

My Last Year In My Twenties

Hey guys! Guess what today is?

lily gif


Yep, that’s right! Its my birthday! Woot woot! And not only is it my birthday, its my 29th birthday! And, according to my sister, after this it all goes downhill. So I need to live it up!

A few years ago, I made a list of stuff I wanted to accomplish by the time I turned 30. I called it my “30 by 30 List”. Wanna know what’s on it? Good, because I’ve got the list:

  1. Watch all of AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies
  2. Get a literary agent
  3. Work on a political campaign
  4. Finish my book (Done! August 2013)
  5. Go to Italy with BB
  6. See Graceland
  7. Meet someone famous (Jay Leno, Orlando Bloom, Cameron Crowe, the cast of Chuck–I got ‘Jeffster’s’ autograph!)
  8. Participate in a protest rally
  9. Sew and wear a dress/skirt
  10. Read every Jane Austen novel
  11. Enjoy a bottle of Cristal (but not by myself)
  12. Take Noah and Ellie (my nephew and niece) to see The Nutcracker (we’re going next Saturday!)
  13. Go camping (Done! Twice!)
  14. Finish my classic novel reading list
  15. Take a pole dancing class (Done! bachelorette party!)
  16. Run a marathon
  17. Get married (Done! 7-23-11)
  18. Buy my parents something BIG
  19. Go to the Red Carpet to see a movie premiere/award show
  20. Go to every state
  21. Get a job I LOVE (Done! August 2011)
  22. Have a baby (Done! September 2013)
  23. Change the oil in my truck
  24. Buy a house
  25. Donate my hair to locks of love (Done! August 2011)
  26. Make a meal from scratch
  27. Milk a cow
  28. Learn the guitar (one song all the way through)
  29. Go skinny dipping
  30. Pay off all school loan debt (Done! February 2013)

Some of these I’ve already accomplished (as you can see), but the others I need to get done SOON (especially #2!). So my goal for the next year is to get these things knocked off this list. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated about my progress (and ask for some accountability!). Do you have any 30 by 30 goals? Or maybe 35 by 35?

Try It Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

We are no win the home stretch in the countdown to Christmas! Its only 15 days away! That’s just a little over two weeks! TWO. WEEKS. Got your shopping done yet? Your menus planned? No? Well then, its a good thing I’ve got a tasty treat for you to try!

Oh. My. OREO.

Oh. My. OREO.

This yummy dessert has only THREE ingredients: Oreos, butter, and marshmallows. Three of the main holiday food groups (in my opinion).

You’ll need one package of Oreos, 4 tablespoons butter, and 5 cups marshmallows (not the minis; the bigger ones). I got the holiday Oreos–you know, the red centered ones–not the originals. Anyway, after you gather your ingredients, you’ll need to get out the food processor and chop up the package of Oreos.



I seriously wanted to just pour in some milk and eat this like cereal! Doesn’t it look just DELICIOUS?! But I digress…moving on!

After that, I poured the marshmallows and butter into a microwave-safe bowl.

Oooh yeaahh!

Oooh yeaahh!


I put the mallows and butter in the microwave for about a minute.

Marshmallow-y goodness!

Marshmallow-y goodness!

I also wanted to eat this with a spoon…drool….

Then, I put the chopped up Oreos in the marshmallow mixture and stirred.

Again with the blurriness. Oi.

Again with the blurriness. Oi.

Then, I poured it all into a pan. Unfortunately, the only pan that was clean was one that would’ve made the bars way too thin. So I ended up doing this:

Looks disgusting. But its not!

Looks disgusting. But its not!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “That looks like raw meat!” Yeah. I know. It looks pretty janky. I was hoping it’d look more festive, seeing as how they were holiday Oreos. But even though they look nasty, they’re actually REALLY good! My advice? Use regular Oreos. Also, don’t grind the Oreos down to a fine powder. Process them until there are still some chunks in there. That’ll make the bars have a better consistency.

Christmas Specials

With only 16 days to Christmas, the signs of the season are everywhere: the stores, the neighborhoods, and our TVs. Even though Huff the Hubs and I don’t have cable, we still have the basic stations, so we’re able to see all of the Christmas specials.


One such special was last week—The Sound of Music Live with Carrie Underwood.


"The Nazis are coming, y'all."

“The Nazis are coming, y’all.”

Did you watch it? I did. Now, I love Carrie as much as the next Okie, but I feel like her performance was a little…flat. Don’t get me wrong, the gril can sing. But her acting? Um…How do I put this nicely? I prefer Julie Andrews.


While watching the cronge-worthy performance, I started thinking: What other Christmas specials are worth skipping?


How the Grinch Stole Christmas (remake)



I love, love, love the animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Its one of my favorite Christmas specials! But the 2000 remake with Jim Carrey? HORRIBLE. For one, its about 45 minutes too long. Even though it features great makeup (and a pre-Gothtastic Taylor Momsen) it doesn’t capture the same magic and heart as the original.


I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown

"We're so silly, Linus!"

“We’re so silly, Linus!”

The Peanuts are as American as apple pie. And having Christmas without Linus saying his famous speech isn’t really Christmas. But I Want a Dog just doesn’t have the same Peanuts greatness that the other special has. Plus, a person can only hear “Good grief” so many times before it just gets irritating.


Eight Crazy Nights

"Instead of one, we've got EIGHT crazy nights!"

“Instead of one, we’ve got EIGHT crazy nights!”

I’ll admit, I’ve only seen the first ten minutes of Adam Sandler’s animated Hanukkah movie. And let me tell ya, that was enough. The animation is not Disney-quality, the jokes were campy, and to be honest, not as charming as the Sandler that sings The Hanukkah Song.


Pretty Much Anything on ABC Family

"Come on, Slater! We have to earn our $500!"

“Come on, Slater! We have to earn our $500!”

I really don’t like cheese. Not cheese as in the kind you eat with crackers. Cheese as in those movies that come on the Hallmark channel. Or, those that come on ABC Family. It seems as though every year, the folks over at ABCF throw in a silly premise, ridiculous dialogue, and a C-list celebrity and create a movie.


What about you? Any specials you like? Dislike? Wish would just go away?

Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday!

Its been colder than Hoth outside today, and just as snowy. I think the last time I checked, the total amount of snowfall in Oklahoma City was 4 inches!

But, thankfully, the weather couldn’t keep me from finding all things geeky to share with you today!

OMG, have you guys been to Hot Topic lately? They are really hitting things out of the park with all of their Doctor Who gear! I’m really hoping these are sitting under my tree (wink, wink):

Keep your toes toasty whilst traveling through time and space!

Keep your toes toasty whilst traveling through time and space!



If you didn’t know, Anchorman 2 comes out this month! And, if you’re a Burgandy fan like me, you can’t wait! If you want to keep things class, just spritz a little bit of this on your neck and watch the ladies swoon:

Its illegal in 49 countries.

Its illegal in 49 countries.


Do you have any little nerdlings on your Christmas list? I’ve got just the thing to make your little ankle biter VERY happy! Check out this AWESOME TMNT hoodie from Think Geek:

Give 'em shell, Mikey!

Give ’em shell, Mikey!


Did you watch the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special? Great wasn’t it? I loved the cheekiness of Ten. I’ve missed that great head of hair! And by the looks of it, so did Elizabeth I. Thanks to Think Geek, you can wear that adorable portrait anytime you want!

"The Virgin Queen? You naughty boy."

“The Virgin Queen? You naughty boy.”


That’s all folks! Stay warm and safe on the roads!



Gingerbread Houses, Er, MANSIONS!

Hey guys!

Sorry I was a no-show yesterday. Between fielding calls from clients, trying to soothe a fussy baby, and prepping for Snowmageddon, my day was a little crazy.

But I’m baaaaack! And I’ve got an awesome holiday-themed post for you!

When I was little, we made a gingerbread house. I use the term loosely because it was really made out of graham crackers. And I remember just getting frustrated, giving up, and dipping my building tools in frosting and calling it a day. Even though I didn’t make a prize-winning gingerbread house as a kid, I would like to try it again. I’ve been seeing gingerbread house kits at Wal-Mart and I’m thinking I might have to snag one and see if I can do it.

This afternoon, I Googled “gingerbread houses” to give me some inspiration. And Oh. Em. Gee. You’ll never believe what I found. I mean, just look at these things:

You can't tell, but this bad boy is 6 feet tall!

You can’t tell, but this bad boy is 6 feet tall!


Mother of Dragons, that's an awesome g-bread house!

Mother of Dragons, that’s an awesome g-bread house!


Merlin's pants! Its Hogwarts!

Merlin’s pants! Its Hogwarts!


If only all sports had an edible arena.

If only all sports had an edible arena.


After I ogled at all the yummy creations, I found out that there is actually a national competition for gingerbread house construction! Its held every year at the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.  Check out last year’s winners:


Yeeeaaahhh…. maybe I ought to just stick to my graham crackers and frosting this year and leave the g-bread building to the pros.