Will You Sign My Petition?

So, I heard on the news that President Obama has a new item in his inbox, given to him from some very concerned Americans. No, its not about the budget crisis or unemployment…Its a petition to have Justin Bieber’s visa revoked and sent back to the land of maple leafs and Tim Horton’s. 

Yep. These folks want the Biebs out. His egg-throwing/Miami-partying hi-jinx have ticked off far too many people. So the people went to the interwebs and started a petition. And after the petition received over 100K signatures, it was sent on to the POTUS’s desk. Seriously. 

So this got me thinking: if a petition like this can make its way to the Commander in Chief’s office, what other things could he take a look at? 

Here are my top 3 petition ideas: 

1. What’s with the size of water cups?!

glass of water

Okay, so, I try really hard to not drink soda. Mostly because the caffeine affects me weird. But also because it really dehydrates you. I’m training for a marathon; I cannot be dehydrated! So when me and Huff the Hubs go out to eat (normally at a fast food place) and I ask for water, they give me a teeny, tiny shot glass for my water. Same thing at the movie theater! Its either that or pay $4 for a bottle of water! That’s just ridiculous!  People shouldn’t be penalized for drinking water. Its water for goodness sakes! Sheesh!


2. Why do the number of hot dog buns and actual hot dogs not match up?!

hot dogs

Seriously. This should be a priority.  


3. If there are people that want to get The Biebs out of ‘Merica, why aren’t more people signing a petition to evict the Kardashians as well?

kim kardashian

Yes, I know they’re Americans. But couldn’t we just lump them in too? Or at least get them off the air? Or at the very least, get Khloe and Kourtney to smile every once in a while and maybe make Bruce not so scary-looking?  


What would you like to sign a petition for? And no, it can’t be for this blog to go away. You’re stuck with me, turds. 

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