Girl Power!

On Monday, I talked about GoldieBlox and their awesome Super Bowl commercial. I wasn’t sure exactly what GoldieBlox did, so I looked into it. They are a start-up company that makes engineering toys for girls! Since about 80% of today’s engineers are male, their founder, thought that needed to change. So, she created GoldieBlox!

So many girls (me included) are not drawn to calculus and formulas. Maybe that’s because as kids, girls are pushed toward dolls (like the Teen Talk Barbie with her “Math is hard!” statements) whereas boys are pushed toward Erector Sets and Tinker Toys. (Sidebar: I played with dolls and I had a Dr. Dreadful’s Food Lab)


This got me thinking: what other toys are out there to encourage a love of math and science in girls?

I was NOT disappointed.

Look at these AMAZING toys to get our girls excited about math and science!

First up from the brand Roominate, toys to help girls see the fun side of engineering:

There’s also a doll manufacturer across the pond, Lottie, that has an awesome line of dolls. They’re sort of like the American Girl dolls, but with a twist. Meet Lottie and her Busy Lizzie Robot:


There is a Science Fair at school and Lottie decides to research if it is possible to build a robot using only recycled materials. It is hard work, but fun and exciting too. Maybe if the robot is really good it can even help her to tidy her bedroom and do the household chores! It is lucky that Lottie’s bedroom is so messy as she discovers a heap of useful things she can reuse and recycle to build her ‘Busy Lizzie’ robot; even some old shoes. Will Lottie’s Science Fair project win a prize?

But the creme-de-la-creme is from an awesome site called A Mighty Girl. Their mission is to ” provide the world’s largest collection of books, toys and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.” So great, right?! You’ve GOT to check out their collection!

mighty girl

What about you? Any products you love for your little Madame Curie?

2 thoughts on “Girl Power!

  1. I don’t have a girl (or a boy) yet, but I loved the horse anatomy kit my parents gave me. I think a version of it is still made. I also have an uncle who is a scientist (the Happy Scientist, actually 🙂 ) who sent me all kinds of experiments to do around the house.

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