Try It Tuesday

Yesterday, I complained about this crappy winter and how much I hate this incessant cold. 

But there is ONE good thing about being inside all day: the comfort food. Screw New Year’s Resolutions, if I’m cooped up because Old Man Winter keeps delivering the White Demon from the sky, then I’m packing on a few pounds of insulation!

And what better way to do it, than with these beauties?

pin useOoooh yeaaahhh!

These bad boys are nummy and a pretty easy fix!

All you need is bread, a rolling pin, and French toast fixin’s (i.e., eggs and milk), and whatever you want inside your toast!

First, cut the crust off your bread. Unless you’re a rebel. Then leave it on, you bad-A, you.




Then, roll the slice of bread until its super-crazy flat.




Then, spread your favorite spread (or fruit like Huff the Hubs did) on the bread. I used Nutella, because…uh, hello, its NUTELLA!




Roll up your bread and dunk it in the milk and egg mixture.




Toss it into a pan (sprayed with cooking spray) and heat.




They might look like taquitos, but they are SO much better! Top with your favorite syrup or powdered sugar and enjoy!




I really liked these! So did HtH! He ate his so fast he didn’t offer me a bite! Stingy!

I thought this would a GREAT way to get kids involved with cooking, too. Hermione’s still too young to help, but if you’ve got toddlers, they could definitely assist! They’d probably enjoy flattening out the bread and dunking the toast in the eggs too!



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