Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, people. Do you have your gifts yet? If you’re like me, you know what you’re getting your significant other, you just have to wait for payday (which, consequently, is tomorrow). But for those of you that need some help and need it fast, have no fear!

Here are just a few ideas to help you make tomorrow great for your sweetie:


Cook a Valentine-themed breakfast!

Sizzlin' sweet!

Sizzlin’ sweet!

I know mornings are hectic, but trust me when I say that waking up a little bit earlier and preparing these babies will definitely make your honey feel loved! Plus, you can never go wrong with bacon. Its meat candy.



The perfect gumball machine!

The perfect gumball machine!

Pinterest is FULL of quick and easy (and inexpensive) do-it-yourself gift ideas! Like this ADORABLE gumball machine made from dollar store materials! A small flower pot, a quick paint job, and some Dove chocolates and you’re set! (Plus, you’ll totes score extra points by making something. Women like that crap. Trust me.)


Add love notes to lunch!

Snacks are the way to anyone's heart.

Snacks are the way to anyone’s heart.

Before Huff the Hubs and I had a baby, I used to make him a sandwich for lunch everyday and write a little note. Its been months since I’ve done that (womp, womp) but he always said how much he liked it! Maybe take a few minutes tonight, pack your lovey’s lunch, and add these cute printable tags to the different treats!


Seek professional help. 


No, not that kind of professional help. I’m talking about The Dating Divas! They have countless resources for creating awesome dates for you and your honey! I’ve used a lot of their ideas in the past and HtH loved them all!


And, if worse comes to worse, you can always bake a cake.

A lovely sentiment.

A lovely sentiment.


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