April Fool’s Day Eve

I’m really not a fan of pranks.


Wait, let me rephrase. I’m not a fan of being pranked.


I enjoy watching other people get pranked, but I do not like being on the receiving end.


That’s part of the reason I don’t like April Fool’s Day. I think April Fool’s gives jerks an excuse to be jerks.


I will say, however, that I do enjoy watching pranks on TV. And my favorite prankster? No, not Ashton Kutcher. One, Mr. Jim Halpert.


So, to get you in the mood for tomorrow’s tom-foolery, here’s some inspiration for you merry pranksters (disclaimer: do NOT, I repeat do NOT use this “inspiration” to fool me. If you do, I swear on my pretty floral bonnet I will end you.)





Fan Girl Friday

This Friday could not have come sooner! I’m so happy that the weekend is here! Although, not too jazzed that I have to run 17 miles tomorrow for marathon training (Bah!).

But, I can turn my frown upside down because I have found some AWESOME things to share with my geeky compadres!

I think I’m going to have to invest in this first find for my niece and nephews:


Its a zipline! How awesome is that? It comes with a seat if the rider doesn’t want to hang on the handlebars, is 90 ft. long, AND it holds up to 250 pounds which means adults can join in too!


I’m actually a little upset that Think Geek didn’t have this next find when I was registering for baby gifts! Check it out! Its a Superman diaper bag!

Super Baby!

Super Baby!

The bag comes with an insulated bag to store bottles, a diaper changing pad, and a red terrycloth burp cloth that looks like a cape!


Speaking of babies, there’s an awesome painter that lives in California that is doing great work for some tiny clients. There are many little ones that have to wear helmets to help correct various conditions and Paula Strawn helps to make the helmets a little more decorative. Check out her work!

Call me "Maverick".

Call me “Maverick”.


And finally….People, its the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie trailer is finally here! Check it out:

What you think?

My New Obsession

Since getting Netflix, Huff the Hubs and I have found a new obsession: watching documentaries.

There are probably about 35 documentaries in my Netflix list right now. Seriously.

There have been so many that I’ve loved! We watched one that focused on an adorable betrothed couple with Downs Syndrome, one about the “real” Indiana Jones, and another about the life of Tolkien! But, out of all the ones we’ve watched, I definitely have ULTIMATE favorites.


1. Blackfish


This documentary was absolutely heart-wrenching. I know it was the director’s intention–I’m not so naive to think that this (or any documentary) is made to not get an emotional reaction from its viewers–but this documentary really struck a chord with me. The main focus of the documentary centers on Tilikum, a male orca now owned by Sea World, and the abuse and neglect he suffered, as well as injuries he caused. I got A LOT of flak for saying that I would never go to Sea World after I saw this film. Which is fine. Not everybody that watched it had the same reaction I did. But that’s the great thing about America, people. We can have differing opinions. This isn’t Panem.


2. Planet Earth


Technically, Huff the Hubs and I watched this pre-Netflix. I actually scored the entire DVD box set on Black Friday a few years ago for cheap! Since we didn’t (and still don’t) have cable, this docu-series was our nightly entertainment for about two weeks. The five disc set covers just about every inch of our planet and discusses the various flora and fauna that inhabit it. Its such an amazing series; HtH and I were constantly in awe of the complexities of nature. I remember him saying, “I don’t know how someone can watch this and NOT believe in God!”


3. Miss Representation


I actually turned this documentary on the other morning to have as background noise while I worked. I got sucked in within the first 10 minutes and subsequently got 2 hours behind on my editing. But it was worth it. This documentary brings to light the under-representation of women in leadership positions in America, and challenges how the media portrays what it means to be a powerful woman in today’s society. There were certain parts of the documentary I didn’t agree with, but all in all, I thought it was great at showing how mainstream media really makes it unfair for women to be seen as more than just “props”.



4. Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price


This 2005 documentary didn’t really hit me like the others did. However, it did open up a lot of debate between me and HtH. In The High Cost of Low Price, the filmmaker speaks with former and current Wal-Mart employees as well as small business owners that the national chain has put out of business. I did think there were a lot of things that Wal-Mart did that was wrong (such as asking their employees to donate money for struggling employees–which they did and raised over $9 million–when the Walton family only donated $6K and the openly sexist managers) but there were other parts to it that I didn’t quite agree with. They talked a lot about how the small, “Mom-and-Pop” businesses were being forced to close their doors once a Wal-Mart came to town. Which, yes, it was so sad to see these people who had worked their lives to create a business, have to box up their inventory and board up their windows. However, that’s just the nature of the beast in a capitalist society. Businesses come and businesses go everyday. Would I rather frequent a smaller, family operated store than a big conglomerate? Of course. I think its important to support those businesses. However, if I can get something substantially cheaper somewhere else, I’m more inclined to go there so I can make my dollars stretch.


Do all of these documentaries have a bias? Yes. Do they all have valid points? Yes. Are they worth watching? Oh, YES.

You may not agree with my take on these documentaries, and that’s fine! You don’t have to. I think what’s important to remember when watching documentaries is that these films are making us talk. They’re making us think outside of ourselves and take a look at the bigger picture and making us discuss the world around us. Films like these have the potential to bring about change and improvement. And that’s worth watching!

Try It Tuesday

Today has been CRA-ZAAAAY!

Its like I woke up this morning and thought: Hmm, let’s just completely forget to do everything today and waste time on things that don’t matter. But, thankfully, that hasn’t kept me from trying out a new and tasty recipe for you!

I was at the grocery store the other day (even though I go to the grocery store after I get paid, I somehow find myself there at least 3 times throughout the week) and found this:

photo 1


Oh yes, root beer cookies. I LOVE root beer! Its probably my favorite drink after water. I’ve even made root beer cupcakes! And they were yummy! So I thought I’d give these a whirl!

It was such a simple process too! All I needed was the mix, butter, oil, and an egg!

photo 2



I mixed the mix and the ingredients. The package said that the dough made like, 2-3 dozen cookies, so after I mixed it up and saw how much dough there was, I was worried it wouldn’t make that many:

photo 1 (2)


I was pleasantly surprised when I scooped out the cookies and dropped them on the baking sheet:

photo 2 (2)


Sorry its a little blurry; I was shaking because I was so hungry!

Anyway, about 12 minutes later, I had these yummy delights:

photo 3 (2)


They were really tasty! The root beer taste wasn’t overpowering and the white chocolate chips made it taste like an actual root beer float! Best part? Huff the Hubs could eat a TON because there wasn’t any chocolate in them! (Which was good for me because I didn’t get the chance to eat them all–ha!)


Resolution Update

It’s almost the end of March and statistics show that by now, about 50% of the people who set New Year’s Resolution have already failed at keeping them. So far, I’ve been doing okay at keeping mine.


My four goals were:


1. Lose the baby weight

2. Stop the “fat talk”

3. Put down the devices

4. Finish my 30×30 list


baby weight

As far as the baby-weight goes, I haven’t really lost that much. Since I’m working on one of my 30×30 goals by training for the OKC Memorial Marathon, I’ve been in full training mode. Which means I run a lot, so I’m hungry a lot. Which means I eat a lot. Which means the scale has not gone down. Like, at all. My clothes feel a tad looser, so that’s good! But the scale hasn’t moved. I honestly don’t think it will until I stop training. And, I’m okay with that!



I’ve actually been doing pretty well with the whole “fat talk”—at least voicing it out loud. I’ve still been a little negative with my thinking when I look in the mirror and something doesn’t fit how I’d like it to. But I am getting better!



Sadly, I haven’t been the best at putting down the phone. Actually, I’ve probably gotten worse. I blame Candy Crush. I never should’ve downloaded that app. But its so much fun! I’ll work on that…


thirty flirty

I’m doing pretty well with my 30×30 list! I watched some more movies from the AFI list (The Apartment, All About Eve, and The African Queen) and of course, I’m working on the marathon training. I’ve gotten some help on my queries so I can find a literary agent, so I’ve started reaching out! Fingers crossed I find one!


How about you? How are you doing with your resolutions?

Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday!

It was a beeeaaauuutiful day out today! I’m finally convinced that winter has FINALLY come and gone. And what better to way to celebrate the end of our Seasonal Affective Disorder than with some nerdy neat-os to kickstart your weekend!

Ever since The Avengers and Joss Whedon’s cleverly written, horribly disgusting insult was spewed by the We-Hate-To-Love-Him Loki, I’ve been looking for more intelligent ways to let people know they irritate me to my very core while also making me feel intellectual. Thankfully, ThinkGeek has exactly what I’ve been looking for! Its the Shakespeare Insult Generator!

"You apish, bald-pated abomination!"

“You apish, bald-pated abomination!”

It includes over 150K insults, created from The Bard’s own words!


Ever think that maybe Vader was just “misunderstood”? Maybe if someone would’ve taken the time to help him express himself as child, he wouldn’t have turned out the menacing, asthmatic madman we all know. I like to think that after a long day of choking Admirals, V-Man liked to kick back in the Death Star and sketch landscapes. Perhaps with this:

"Use the charcoal, Luke."

“Use the charcoal, Luke.”

This sketchbook–designed like Vader’s torso–comes with 6 pencils, 2 erasers, and the front opens up to store it all! Awesome, right?


So, whilst perusing Pinterest the other night, I came across this picture:



The pin description said: “This is NOT Photoshopped!” I was skeptical. So, I did some research. Turns out, this crazy-colorful bird really does exist! Its called a Pink-necked Green Pigeon! They are typically found in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Cambodia! Pretty, huh?


Remember a few months ago when I said I was reading Lois Lowry’s The Giver? Well guess what?! They made a movie about it and the trailer is FINALLY here! Check it out!




Spring in Oklahoma

Today marks the first official day of spring. We should all be happy, right? After all, this could very well mean the end of the cold weather and snow that has been plaguing most of America the past few months.

But not all of us are too jazzed about spring. Sure, we’re happy about the warmer weather and the fact we’ll actually be able to go outside without bundling up like Randy from A Christmas Story. So why are people (namely Oklahomans) not too excited for spring? How do I put this…?

Well, this is spring for most of America:


This is spring in Oklahoma:


After last year’s deadly outbreak of tornadoes in late May, there’s a lot of trepidation on the part of us Okies. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve complained to about the cold and said, “Man, I’m ready for spring!” that responded with a sad smile and said, “I could go without spring. I’m not ready for that again.”

Around here, there’s no need to ask what “that” means. We know. The aftermath of that can still be seen throughout much of Moore and Shawnee: empty lots, trees with no branches, and–saddest of all–makeshift memorials honoring those who lost their lives that day.  True, its been a hard road. But, thankfully, changes are being made. More schools have been discussing (and actually building) safe rooms for their students, faculty, and staff. And just this week, the Moore City Council put new building codes in effect to make homes more tornado-resistant.

But, I think what has helped this city more than anything is our resilience. Yes, what happened was absolutely tragic. People lost their homes, their loved ones, and their sense of security. We also gained a lot too: strength, hope in our neighbors, and the knowledge that not all people are only out to get, they’re also out to give.

That’s part of the message behind a new documentary titled: Where Was God?  According to the film’s website, Director Travis Palmer “follows several families and individuals who recount the timeline of destruction and share their experiences of the devastating and miraculous events that changed their lives forever.”

It premieres May 16th at the Moore Warren Theater. If you want it screened in your area, click this link and request a viewing!

Try It Tuesday

Its Tuesday, peeps! You know what that means: its time for another tasty treat from Pinterest!

Lately, I’ve been suffering from a MAJOR sweet tooth. I mean, its really bad. If there’s an Oreo within a half-mile radius, I will find it. And I will devour it. So I’ve been trying to make my sweets a little bit healthier. When I saw this on Pinterest, I went all Kool-Aid man: “OOOOOH YEAAAAAH!”

original banana pin (2)

All you need is:

photo 1

~a banana

~Golden Grahams cereal


~chocolate chips



First, preheat your oven to 350*. Lay out some aluminum foil. Peel your banana and cut the banana long-ways down the middle and place it on the foil. Then, sprinkle in your chocolate chips, marshmallows, and cereal.

photo 3



Wrap up the foil and place it on a cookie sheet and bake for 5 minutes. Let the foil cool and then open up the foil. My banana fell apart so I had to put it in a bowl. It was YUMMY! It was like a banana s’more! Very tasty!

photo 5



It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Top of the mornin’ afternoon to ya laddie!

What’s the craic? Story horse? I’m on me tod here, knocking back with a pint!

Sorry, my inner Irish-maiden was busting out. I’m back now.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to ya! This holiday truly is a great one. What other holiday do you know of that’s centered on booze, food, and physical violence/shunning if you’re not wearing what everyone else is? I love it! So tonight, as you stuff your gob full of corned beef and raise a glass of green Guinness, I’ve got some more things you can thank the Emerald Isle for!

The ejection seat

I'm outta here!

I’m outta here!

The first successful modern ejection seat was developed by James Martin.

The boycott

protest sign

The term was coined after Charles Boycott got into a disagreement with the Irish Land League.





Some historians believe whiskey started in ancient Mesopotamia, but distilled whiskey originated from Ireland (and Scotland).

And these lovelies:

Colin Ferrel

Colin Ferrel

Ireland’s bad boy.

aidan turner

Aidan Turner

Our favorite dwarf.

Colin O'Donoghue

Colin O’Donoghue

We’re hooked on this Irish hunk.

Thank you, Ireland!

“May the wind always be at your back and the road rise up to meet you!” 

Fan Girl Friday

Happy Pi Day! Its 3/14! And I shall celebrate with pie. And with these sah-weet geeky finds!

In honor of today’s scientific holiday, I think we should all order one of these bad boys from our buddies at Think Geek!

Work it, Al.

Work it, Al.

He speaks the truth, no?


When your a fangirl (or boy) sometimes you get teased about your nerdy passions. Have no fear! We now have a guide to keep us from the pants-ings, wedgies, and swirleys brought to us from that Bad-A of Baker Street! Check it out!

On guard!

On guard!


Speaking of being a geek, one of my favorite guys from The Nerd Herd needs our help! That’s right, our favorite kung-fu fighting anti-hero, Zachary Levi is looking for donations to help his company The Nerd Machine give money and resources to his favorite charity, Operation Smile as well as his event at San Diego Comic Con called Nerd HQ. Check out the video below for more info!


And finally, mark your calendars for April 19th! That’s the day BBC America will start its docu-series titled The Real History of Science Fiction

Its nerd-vana!

Its nerd-vana!

According to the BBC, “the series features filmmakers, writers, actors and graphic artists known for their sci-fi work looking back on their experiences and on how their obsession and imagination has taken them into the unknown”. There are going to be a TON of our favorite sci-fi actors: Christopher Llyod, Nathan Fillion, William Shatner, and, oh yes, DAVID. FREAKING. TENNANT. That’s right, The Doctor is going to be in the house, people! So set your DVRs! Its going to be epic!