Sick Day

Hey guys.

Sorry there was no blog post yesterday. I’ve been a little under the weather and couldn’t muster the strength to write.

michael gif


I didn’t think I was that sick. I’ve been a little congested since Sunday. I ran outside in the cold and rain on Saturday, but didn’t think anything of it. That is, until Tuesday evening. I was so congested, I couldn’t sleep a wink.

breathe through my nose


Then, yesterday, I realized how sick I was when I realized it wasn’t March 12th like I had thought all day.

sick gif


I just don’t get it! I’m usually so careful! I wash my hands about 15 times a day, eat healthy, exercise, and I disinfect everything!
sheldon with lysol


So I’ve been laying on the couch all day, eating soup, breathing through my mouth, and watching Netflix, hoping I’ll get better.



Oh yeah, and feeling sorry for myself.

worlds smallest violin


Thankfully, Huff the Hubs is coming home soon. So I’ll have the best nurse around!

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