Try It Tuesday

You guys, I’m FINALLY feeling better. And the sun is out! Its like a freaking Disney movie today!

Last week, however, was a different story. I felt horrible. I was so desperate for anything to make me feel better, that when I saw this I had to try it! All you need is:

photo 1



A Scentsy warmer and Vicks VapoRub!


I washed out my Scentsy warmer and then plopped a tablespoon of Vick’s and a tablespoon of water:

photo 2



Sidebar: a tablespoon of Vicks is A LOT.


Then, I turned on the Scentsy and went to bed.

photo 3


I slept REALLY good that night! The best night’s sleep I had gotten all week! I wasn’t cured of my acute bronchitis (or as I liked to call it a-adorable bronchitis) but I felt better and not as congested. So I call this Try It Tuesday a win!


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