Fan Girl Friday

Happy Pi Day! Its 3/14! And I shall celebrate with pie. And with these sah-weet geeky finds!

In honor of today’s scientific holiday, I think we should all order one of these bad boys from our buddies at Think Geek!

Work it, Al.

Work it, Al.

He speaks the truth, no?


When your a fangirl (or boy) sometimes you get teased about your nerdy passions. Have no fear! We now have a guide to keep us from the pants-ings, wedgies, and swirleys brought to us from that Bad-A of Baker Street! Check it out!

On guard!

On guard!


Speaking of being a geek, one of my favorite guys from The Nerd Herd needs our help! That’s right, our favorite kung-fu fighting anti-hero, Zachary Levi is looking for donations to help his company The Nerd Machine give money and resources to his favorite charity, Operation Smile as well as his event at San Diego Comic Con called Nerd HQ. Check out the video below for more info!


And finally, mark your calendars for April 19th! That’s the day BBC America will start its docu-series titled The Real History of Science Fiction

Its nerd-vana!

Its nerd-vana!

According to the BBC, “the series features filmmakers, writers, actors and graphic artists known for their sci-fi work looking back on their experiences and on how their obsession and imagination has taken them into the unknown”. There are going to be a TON of our favorite sci-fi actors: Christopher Llyod, Nathan Fillion, William Shatner, and, oh yes, DAVID. FREAKING. TENNANT. That’s right, The Doctor is going to be in the house, people! So set your DVRs! Its going to be epic!

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