It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Top of the mornin’ afternoon to ya laddie!

What’s the craic? Story horse? I’m on me tod here, knocking back with a pint!

Sorry, my inner Irish-maiden was busting out. I’m back now.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to ya! This holiday truly is a great one. What other holiday do you know of that’s centered on booze, food, and physical violence/shunning if you’re not wearing what everyone else is? I love it! So tonight, as you stuff your gob full of corned beef and raise a glass of green Guinness, I’ve got some more things you can thank the Emerald Isle for!

The ejection seat

I'm outta here!

I’m outta here!

The first successful modern ejection seat was developed by James Martin.

The boycott

protest sign

The term was coined after Charles Boycott got into a disagreement with the Irish Land League.





Some historians believe whiskey started in ancient Mesopotamia, but distilled whiskey originated from Ireland (and Scotland).

And these lovelies:

Colin Ferrel

Colin Ferrel

Ireland’s bad boy.

aidan turner

Aidan Turner

Our favorite dwarf.

Colin O'Donoghue

Colin O’Donoghue

We’re hooked on this Irish hunk.

Thank you, Ireland!

“May the wind always be at your back and the road rise up to meet you!” 

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