Spring in Oklahoma

Today marks the first official day of spring. We should all be happy, right? After all, this could very well mean the end of the cold weather and snow that has been plaguing most of America the past few months.

But not all of us are too jazzed about spring. Sure, we’re happy about the warmer weather and the fact we’ll actually be able to go outside without bundling up like Randy from A Christmas Story. So why are people (namely Oklahomans) not too excited for spring? How do I put this…?

Well, this is spring for most of America:


This is spring in Oklahoma:


After last year’s deadly outbreak of tornadoes in late May, there’s a lot of trepidation on the part of us Okies. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve complained to about the cold and said, “Man, I’m ready for spring!” that responded with a sad smile and said, “I could go without spring. I’m not ready for that again.”

Around here, there’s no need to ask what “that” means. We know. The aftermath of that can still be seen throughout much of Moore and Shawnee: empty lots, trees with no branches, and–saddest of all–makeshift memorials honoring those who lost their lives that day.  True, its been a hard road. But, thankfully, changes are being made. More schools have been discussing (and actually building) safe rooms for their students, faculty, and staff. And just this week, the Moore City Council put new building codes in effect to make homes more tornado-resistant.

But, I think what has helped this city more than anything is our resilience. Yes, what happened was absolutely tragic. People lost their homes, their loved ones, and their sense of security. We also gained a lot too: strength, hope in our neighbors, and the knowledge that not all people are only out to get, they’re also out to give.

That’s part of the message behind a new documentary titled: Where Was God?  According to the film’s website, Director Travis Palmer “follows several families and individuals who recount the timeline of destruction and share their experiences of the devastating and miraculous events that changed their lives forever.”

It premieres May 16th at the Moore Warren Theater. If you want it screened in your area, click this link and request a viewing!

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