Resolution Update

It’s almost the end of March and statistics show that by now, about 50% of the people who set New Year’s Resolution have already failed at keeping them. So far, I’ve been doing okay at keeping mine.


My four goals were:


1. Lose the baby weight

2. Stop the “fat talk”

3. Put down the devices

4. Finish my 30×30 list


baby weight

As far as the baby-weight goes, I haven’t really lost that much. Since I’m working on one of my 30×30 goals by training for the OKC Memorial Marathon, I’ve been in full training mode. Which means I run a lot, so I’m hungry a lot. Which means I eat a lot. Which means the scale has not gone down. Like, at all. My clothes feel a tad looser, so that’s good! But the scale hasn’t moved. I honestly don’t think it will until I stop training. And, I’m okay with that!



I’ve actually been doing pretty well with the whole “fat talk”—at least voicing it out loud. I’ve still been a little negative with my thinking when I look in the mirror and something doesn’t fit how I’d like it to. But I am getting better!



Sadly, I haven’t been the best at putting down the phone. Actually, I’ve probably gotten worse. I blame Candy Crush. I never should’ve downloaded that app. But its so much fun! I’ll work on that…


thirty flirty

I’m doing pretty well with my 30×30 list! I watched some more movies from the AFI list (The Apartment, All About Eve, and The African Queen) and of course, I’m working on the marathon training. I’ve gotten some help on my queries so I can find a literary agent, so I’ve started reaching out! Fingers crossed I find one!


How about you? How are you doing with your resolutions?

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