Fan Girl Friday

This Friday could not have come sooner! I’m so happy that the weekend is here! Although, not too jazzed that I have to run 17 miles tomorrow for marathon training (Bah!).

But, I can turn my frown upside down because I have found some AWESOME things to share with my geeky compadres!

I think I’m going to have to invest in this first find for my niece and nephews:


Its a zipline! How awesome is that? It comes with a seat if the rider doesn’t want to hang on the handlebars, is 90 ft. long, AND it holds up to 250 pounds which means adults can join in too!


I’m actually a little upset that Think Geek didn’t have this next find when I was registering for baby gifts! Check it out! Its a Superman diaper bag!

Super Baby!

Super Baby!

The bag comes with an insulated bag to store bottles, a diaper changing pad, and a red terrycloth burp cloth that looks like a cape!


Speaking of babies, there’s an awesome painter that lives in California that is doing great work for some tiny clients. There are many little ones that have to wear helmets to help correct various conditions and Paula Strawn helps to make the helmets a little more decorative. Check out her work!

Call me "Maverick".

Call me “Maverick”.


And finally….People, its the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie trailer is finally here! Check it out:

What you think?

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