The Best Things in Life are Free

Here lately, my best friend and I have been communicating mostly through sending each other Pinterest pins. She sent me one the other day that I thought was awesome. It was a list of little pleasures that were completely underrated.

I thought the list was spot-on, but I wanted to make my own list…a compilation of things I love that maybe no one else thinks is awesome, but to me, is like heaven on earth:


~The feeling you get when you use a Q-tip in your ear and scratch that unreachable itch.


~Getting your hair played with.





~Stretching after you’ve been sitting for a long time.


~The first and last drink of a milkshake.


~Beating the level of Candy Crush you’ve been stuck on for weeks.



~How clean your car looks after going to the car wash.


~The feeling of accomplishment when ALL of the laundry is put away (that happens once in a blue moon).


~Seeing your best friend for the first time after ages and laughing like you were still in middle school.


~Being the first person in the “cake line” at a wedding reception.



~When your nephew/niece run to give you a hug when you haven’t seen them in a long time.


~Your kid squealing with delight when you tickle them.


~The first snow cone of the summer.


~Hitting every green light when you’re running an errand.



What are YOUR little pleasures?


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