Novocain, a Root Canal’s BFF


I had a root canal today. The procedure took two. freaking. hours.

Two hours of my life spent in a laughing-gas-induced-haze while watching What Not to Wear. (And, actually, the gas made that show enjoyable!)


So I’ve been sleeping off the numbness on the left side of my face for the past few hours, ergo, no Try it Tuesday. I DO have something for you for tomorrow, though, so buck up! But for the rest of the evening, I’ll be drinking my meals and holding an ice pack on my cheek.

Sadly, they did not give me laughing gas to go. Let’s see when I go for the dental implants in Aurora next time. Womp, womp.


Its a Wild World

I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t seem to get it together today (and yes, I realize its almost 5:oo, meaning I should’ve got things together a loooong time ago). It may be the fact that today was “Potluck Monday” at work and I’ve had about 3 sugar crashes from all the goodies. Maybe I’m still recovering from last night’s twist on Game of Thrones. Or maybe I’m feeling out of sorts because the weather in Oklahoma has seriously gone from high 80’s one day to snowing this morning. In any event, this is a Monday in every sense of the word.

I’m assuming some of you are feeling the same way. And the only thing that has gotten me through is looking at pictures of baby animals, so I’m sharing them with you.

You’re welcome.





















Fan Girl Friday

Ah, another Friday has come and {almost} gone. And it couldn’t have come soon enough!

My To-Do list is about a mile long, so I’ve welcomed surfing the interwebs for some delightfully geeky finds for you!


I am a HUGE Disney-file. So if there’s anything even remotely Disney related, I’m sold. I was wasting time on Pinterest the other day when I came across an AMAZING pin! There’s an artist named Tyson Murphy (he’s great, people) that has taken movie stills from classic animated Disney films and–for lack of a better term–“Pixar-ed” them. Check out what he did with 101 Dalmatians:


Just when you thought Disney couldn’t get any better!



I know I highlight jewelry a lot on here, but I can’t help it! Especially when it includes a fandom like Divergent! Check out this lovely Abnegation-themed necklace from the Etsy shop, ChristaLinaSales!

She has a necklace for all the factions as well as Disney-themed jewelry! Go check out her store!

abnegation necklace

“Divergents threaten the system…with their sense of style.”


This weekend is JAM-PACKED with events. Seriously. I think Sunday I’ll need to be sure I rest and relax. Maybe curl up with my Tardis blanket and throw on a pair of these:

K9 Slippers

Companions for your feet!


And finally, it seems as though everyone that has seen Frozen–young and old–absolutely LURVES it! Whats not to love? Strong female lead? Check. Kick-a music? Check. Adorable rock trolls? Check, check, check. If you just can’t get enough Frozen, click here to hear SIX bonus songs that didn’t make the cut into the final version of the film! Even Anna and Kristoff are excited:



Stress + Me = Fuh-Oood!

Things have been a little stressful lately. I’ve been marathon training, packing up an apartment, getting rooms ready at the sister’s house, doing my normal job, as well as being Mommy and Wife. So I’ve been a little crazed.

And what do I do when I’m stressed? I eat. A lot.

I wish I was one of those people that didn’t eat when they were stressed (how do they do that?!). However, this is me when things get a little crazy:

homer eating gif


What things do I love to eat when stress snacking?


Natural Cheetos



Chocolate Covered Blueberries





And crackers….

wheat thins


…with cheese.

laughing cow


I’m also a sucker for any kind of cookie or baked good. Its dangerous that I live so close to a donut shop. I know that there are so many different ways to deal with stress rather than eat, but sometimes doing yoga just won’t cut it.

What about you? How do you deal with stress? Do you do something besides eat? Share your wisdom, yo, because I need to stop running to the fridge every time I flip out!

Try It Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, peeps!

I’ve got a great Try It for you today! Its yummy, healthy, super easy, and inexpensive! And, of course, I found it on Pinterest! Its called Italian Wonderpot!

original pin (2)



Here’s what you need:

photo 1


All you have to do is literally throw EVERY thing in the pot.

photo 2


Let the ingredients come to a boil.

photo 3


Then, cover and let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes. Serve with crumbled feta cheese and enjoy!

photo 4


You guys. This dish was DELICIOUS! The only drawback was there was no meat. Which would be great for a “Meatless Monday”! Maybe next time I’ll drop in some Italian turkey meatballs or some grilled chicken!

The Best Things in Life are Free

Here lately, my best friend and I have been communicating mostly through sending each other Pinterest pins. She sent me one the other day that I thought was awesome. It was a list of little pleasures that were completely underrated.

I thought the list was spot-on, but I wanted to make my own list…a compilation of things I love that maybe no one else thinks is awesome, but to me, is like heaven on earth:


~The feeling you get when you use a Q-tip in your ear and scratch that unreachable itch.


~Getting your hair played with.





~Stretching after you’ve been sitting for a long time.


~The first and last drink of a milkshake.


~Beating the level of Candy Crush you’ve been stuck on for weeks.



~How clean your car looks after going to the car wash.


~The feeling of accomplishment when ALL of the laundry is put away (that happens once in a blue moon).


~Seeing your best friend for the first time after ages and laughing like you were still in middle school.


~Being the first person in the “cake line” at a wedding reception.



~When your nephew/niece run to give you a hug when you haven’t seen them in a long time.


~Your kid squealing with delight when you tickle them.


~The first snow cone of the summer.


~Hitting every green light when you’re running an errand.



What are YOUR little pleasures?


Fan Girl Friday

I’m sooooo glad its the weekend! But not so much looking forward to tomorrow’s marathon training. I have to run 20 miles. 20. Freaking. Miles. That’s far. Like, Forrest Gump far. Okay, maybe not that far, but still!

I’m glad I’ve found some geeky goodies to brighten up my day!


Want to make sure your precious dragon babies are kept safe and you always know where they are? Wear them around your neck with this GORGEOUS necklace from Think Geek!


A Mother's Day gift for the Kaleesi in your life.

A Mother’s Day gift for the Kaleesi in your life.



And speaking of jewelry, you’ll set the trend at this year’s Star Fleet Prom with these trend-setting dangle earrings!

Live long and accessorize well!

Live long and accessorize well!


Spring is here, and you know what that means: spring cleaning. And its not just limited to your closets, people. Time to clean off your hard drive of the photos, videos, and documents you’ve been saving over the past year! And what better way to do it than with this throwback! Its a USB drive that looks like a mix tape!

Sadly, so many kids nowadays have NO idea what cassettes are!

Sadly, so many kids nowadays have NO idea what cassettes are!


Sunday night was The Walking Dead‘s season finale (and it. was. CRAZY.) and sadly, we’ll have to wait until OCTOBER for more episodes! (What’s going to happen at Terminus? Is Beth ever going to show up? Where’s Tyrese, Carol, and Baby Judith? What will Carl eat 120 ounces of next?!) We can mourn the empty hole left in our hearts, OR, we can show solidarity to Rick and the gang by sporting these:


Does it come with an I <3 Daryl pendant?

Fancy for the apocalypse!


Have a great weekend, fan-peeps!



The Warm and Fuzzies

This has not been a great week, news-wise.

Fort Hood has experienced another devastating attack, Chile was rattled, and spring storm season in Oklahoma has officially commenced. People are hurting, on edge, and nervous.

That’s why I think we could all use some good news; news that will make us smile, feel inspired, and maybe even restore our faith in humanity.


Whenever I hear stories about 911 operators, I always think the same thing: How do they stay so calm? I was a lifeguard for 6 summers and, while I always stayed calm when I was watching patrons, on the inside I was a nervous wreck. So when I heard about Crystal Morrow, I could not believe her story!

Morrow had been training for months as a 911 operator. Her first call on her first day of work was from a frantic family member, calling for Morrow’s father. Morrow’s father is diabetic and went into shock. She didn’t reveal her identity, but stayed calm and made sure help got to her father (who recovered at a nearby hospital).


Just about every little girl dreams about being a Disney princess. (Personally, I’d LOVE to be Belle) And that dream has come true for Haylie Bonser. Haylie’s mom, Angela, sews outfits for her daughter and started adding princess gowns to the list! Click the link to check out some of her amazing work!

little girl disney princess




I don’t know if you were aware of this, but Wednesday was National PB&J Day! I celebrated a day late and had a PB&J for lunch. Some students at Escondido Charter High School in California decided to mark the occassion by trying to set a world record for the world’s largest PB&J sandwich! Ten students made a 51-foot, 6-inch sandwich! They used 17 jars of jelly, 25 loaves of bread, and 30 pounds of peanut butter! I wish I could’ve been there to help them eat it!



Try It Tuesday

Today’s Try It Tuesday is legen-wait for it-dary!

Because one of my favorite shows–How I Met Your Mother–aired its last show EVER last night, my sister and I decided to bid farewell to our five friends with a HIMYM-themed treat!

Remember when Lily met The Mother (AKA, Tracy) on the train on the way to Farhampton and they shared some delicious cookies?



I found the recipe on Pinterest! Woo!


Here’s what you need:

sumbs (1)


1 cup butter, softened

1 cup granulated sugar

1 cup firmly packed brown sugar

1 cup creamy peanut butter

2 large eggs

1 tsp. vanilla extract

2 cups all-purpose flour

1 tsp. baking soda

½ tsp. salt

36 bite-size chocolate-covered caramel candy bars (I used Rolos!)


First, beat together the first 4 ingredients with an electric mixer until smooth. Then, add in the eggs and vanilla, and blend.

photo 2



Then, in a small bowl, stir together the flour and the next 2 ingredients. Add that to the butter mixture and blend. Cover the bowl and chill for about 30 minutes. (I actually recommend chilling for maybe 45 minutes to an hour. The dough was SUPER sticky when I tried to roll it).

While the dough is chilling, preheat your oven to 350°F. When the dough is done chilling, get about 2 tablespoons of dough and roll it around a mini candy. Place the dough balls about 3 inches apart on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet.

Bake for 13 to 14 minutes or until lightly browned.

sumbs (2)


Let them cool for about 5 minutes and then dig in!

photo 1


These cookies were SOOO yummy! I think next time, I’ll try to make the cookies a teensy bit smaller. Maybe use 1 tablespoon of dough instead of 2. That way the dough-to-candy ratio is a bit more even.


P.S. Did you watch the finale? What did you think?