Fan Girl Friday

It’s the last Friday in May, people! This year is just FLYING by! Seems like only yesterday I was blogging about Christmas! Well, today is going to feel like Christmas with all the nerdy neatos I’ve rounded up for you!


There has been crazy nostalgia hitting the Twitter-sphere! Two of my favorite show’s casts have reunited this week!


First, the cast of the cancelled-too-soon cult classic, Freaks and Geeks:

freaks and geeks


And, to celebrate The Wonder Years DVDs being released, the Arnold family got together for a photo shoot in their old TV home!



Looking for something to do this weekend? I’ve got just the thing! Call up a couple of friends and play Sheldon’s favorite game! No, not “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock”—Three-Person Chess! The geniuses over at Think Geek have perfected a circular board so more pals can move their pawns for hours of fun!

threee person chess

Did you see the teaser trailer for the new season of Doctor Who that popped up recently? It doesn’t give too much away…just a couple of shots of Peter Capaldi looking totally bad-a in the Tardis, but still! It got my Whovian heart pumping and ready for August! And, in memory of my favorite Doctor (and the only episode that made me cry like a baby) I think I may need to buy this tee to wear during the premiere!


But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

Ah, the selfie. The Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2013 has really made a name for itself. Its even found its way into psychological debate!


A few months ago, news that the American Psychological Association (APA) decided taking selfies was actually a mental disorder (called: “Selfitis”) spread all over social media. It was plastered all over Facebook and Twitter almost overnight, causing shock and awe. It practically forced people to take photos of themselves looking like this:


"I don't have a disorder! #imawesome!")

“I don’t have a disorder! #imawesome!”


However, they could #calmdown because it was all a hoax.


But it got me thinking about selfies…why do we feel the need to take them and why so often?



I admit, I have taken my share of selfies. I don’t take one everyday and when I do take one, it’s usually me sending it to my sister saying: “Does this outfit look okay?” or “Can you tell I have a zit?”


The most notorious selfie-taker, in my opinion, is Kim Kardashian. I guess I can’t fault her too much… I mean, that’s how her career got started—the “selfie” she took of her and Ray J (hey oh!) was an internet sensation. The girl has 1,657 photos alone on Instagram and I’m guessing most of those are selfies. Which is why I don’t have Instagram.


I’m very torn on how I feel about selfies. They are some days that I scroll through my newsfeed and I just sigh—Ah, twenty selfes in a row. Great.


But then there are other days that I see them and think, “How did she get her hair to do that?! I need to text her…”


Maybe it’s because I’m older and I didn’t grow up with so much social media like “these kids nowadays” but I can’t help but feel that selfies are a tad narcissistic. Whenever I see teens post a selfie every other hour, I think “Sweetie, do you need some attention? Do you need to hear the Aibileen speech?” And then it makes me cringe, thinking about how embarrassed I would be to know that Hermione is posting duck-faced photos of herself, throwing up the peace sign from our bathroom.


But then I think to how many pictures I post of Hermione and I’m sure there are people that see them in their news feed and think, “Gah, enough of your freaking kid already! Sheesh!”




What do you think? Do you think selfies are annoying, awesome, or just a new way to communicate?



Take a Look, Its in a Book!

Now that Hermione is almost nine months old (can you believe that?!) she’s getting really good at independent play. I can set her on a blanket in the living room with a collection of toys that makes it look like FAO Shwartz exploded in our house and do edits, make a sandwich, or actually go the bathroom.


When she was a newborn, I’d turn the TV on to Netflix—mostly The Office or New Girl—and work while she played or napped. Now, I feel like I need to turn on more age appropriate things, because her brain is like a sponge, so I am getting an education into the world of children’s daytime programming.


It has really changed since I was a kid! Granted, there’s still Sesame Streetand Arthur, but other than that, I don’t know half of these shows! It really makes me reminisce about my childhood and the shows I used to watch. But, thanks to Levar Burton, I may not need to think longingly about days gone by! Oh yes, that’s right: Reading Rainbow could be making a comeback, people!


When Reading Rainbow went off the air in 2006, it was a sad, sad day. But that wasn’t the absolute end for the butterfly in the sky. Burton created a reading app to help kids get excited about reading. However, not every kid has a tablet or an iPhone (although it seems that way). According to Gizmodo, Burton wants to “develop a web-enabled Reading Rainbow for at-home use, create a classroom version along with lesson plans and teacher-friendly tools, and subsidize the cost so any school can use Reading Rainbow anywhere for free.”


How awesome is that?!


You can join the movement and donate on his Kickstarter site here!


And get more info here:

Try It Tuesday

Did you have a good Memorial Day weekend? I did! We didn’t go anywhere or do anything elaborate–just a simple “stay-cation” with Huff the Hubs and Hermione. My stay-cation included binge-watching Band of Brothers and surfing Pinterest for hours on end. And lucky for me (and YOU) that time on Pinterest proved DELICIOUS.

Today’s Try It is a twist on an old classic: the s’more!

try it tuesday


Here’s what you need:

photo 1

~1 cup chocolate chips

~2 cups mini marshmallows (I only had the jumbo marshmallows, so I had to cut them down to size)

~2 tablespoons milk

~graham crackers for dipping


First, pour the chips, milk, and 1 cup of marshmallows into a pot over low to medium heat. Stir continually to avoid burning the chocolate and to help the marshmallows melt. After a few minutes, the chocolate should look like this:

photo 3


Pour the chocolate into a small bowl and then placed the other cup of marshmallows on top (or the pieces of the jumbo mallows if that’s all you got!):

smores dip (4)


Then, you can either place the bowl in the broiler to brown the top of the mallows, or you can do what I did and just use a lighter-ha!

smores dip (1)



Then, there’s nothing left to do but dig in!




This was sooooooo good! I think I ate about half the bowl! Its less messy than normal s’mores and great for rainy days inside! I guarantee once you try this, you’ll want s’more. 

Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday, peeps! And what an awesome Friday it is. Not only does this kick off an incredible 3-day weekend BUT Sunday is Geek Pride Day! That’s right people, much like Star Wars Day a few weeks ago, GPD is a day to let your fandom flag fly!


Need some ways to celebrate? Have no fear, The Huffman Post is here!


You can create the geeky ambiance for you and your Player Two with these fantastically fandom fragranced candles from Etsy shop Frostbeard!

"Rolling hills, sunflowers, and hairy feet."

“Rolling hills, sunflowers, and hairy feet.”

They have all kinds: The Shire, Dumbledore’s Office, and even Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey!


It’s that time of year again, the time when our mailboxes are full of wedding invitations and, oh yes, graduation announcements. Need something for the geeky grad in your life? Think Geek has just the thing!


"I want your brrraaaiiiinnnsss! But only if you have a GPA of 3.5 or higher!"

“I want your brrraaaiiiinnnsss! But only if you have a GPA of 3.5 or higher!”


Got a little padawan that’s celebrating their very first Geek Pride Day? Check out these adorable superhero socks for your pint-sized crime fighter!


Daycare's mightiest heroes.

Daycare’s mightiest heroes.


Guys. Get excited. I have more Batman vs. Superman movie news! The official title has FINALLY been released! The title of the movie is {drumroll please}: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


AND there’s a shot of Ben Affleck as the new Batman!



Did you know that Geek Pride Day was originally supposed to pay homage to the release of Star Wars but shares the date with two other fandom holidays—Towel Day (for Hitchhiker fans) and The Glorious 25th of May (for Discworld fans)? Because there was so much geekdom in one day, it morphed into GPD!And to celebrate the origins, JJ Abrams created a contest that could possibly get YOU on the set of the new Star Wars flick while also helping out UNICEF! Seriously!


You’d be doing good and increasing your chances of meeting Han Solo! If chosen, you would shoot a scene for the movie, be Abrams’ VIP guest on the set in London, and even bring a pal with you! Click the link for more!


I feel so off today.

You ever feel like that? Like you can’t seem to focus and you just can’t seem to start your day?

Its not like I’ve been a lazy slug or anything. I edited a ton for a book I’m ghostwriting. I got laundry done. I went grocery shopping. I called clients. But I just can’t seem to get focused.

I just feel….weird.





Maybe its because my allergies are going crazy. Or maybe its because my lower back is KILLING me (it feels like it did in my third trimester–the evil sciatic nerve is rearing its ugly head again!). Or maybe its because I drank too much caffeine.

There’s things going on (that I won’t divulge on here) that have me stressing a tad. Maybe that’s it.

Sigh…Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the weekend, some Tylenol, and nap.


One Year Later

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the deadly F-5 tornado that ravished Moore, Oklahoma last May.

I wasn’t actually here that day. Huff the Hubs and I were on our babymoon in London. It wasn’t until we got back to the hotel and I was scrolling through Facebook that I saw what was happening to my family and friends back home.

I was terrified. I couldn’t get a hold of anyone for a while, but thankfully, I got in touch with my sister and found out that everyone was safe. When HtH and I got back to the states, we could not believe our eyes. Our community looked like a war zone.



It was devastating to see. Then to learn that two schools were hit and children lost their lives was almost too much to bear. Moore was hurting. We were grieving. We were beaten down.

But we didn’t stay down.

That day (and the days that followed) friends became family, strangers became friends, and ordinary people became first responders. People from all over the nation came to help. The people of Oklahoma showed their resilience, they showed their strength, and they showed that this would not deter their faith.

Moore is rebuilding. And its rebuilding in a big way. Homes are filling up neighborhoods again:



Schools are being rebuilt:




And we remember those who we lost:



Why? Because we’re Okies. And we will not be shaken.


Try It Tuesday

Today’s Try It was actually tried today! I typically do my try its on the weekend, because I have more time. But this one was just too tasty-looking to wait for!

original pin (2)



In the words of Napoleon’s grandma, I “made myself a dang quesadilla” for breakfast! It was so easy–and nutritious!

Here’s what you need:

photo 1 (2)

~Peanut Butter

~A banana (I only used half so it would be too bulky)

~tortillas (I used whole wheat)

~chocolate chips


First, spread the peanut butter on your tortilla. I only spread it on half of mine so I could cut a few calories. Then, slice half of your banana and place the slices on the tortilla. Finally, sprinkle the chocolate chips.

photo 2


Fold over the tortilla and place in a pan over medium heat.

photo 3


I let the quesadilla cook for about a minute a side; I didn’t want the tortilla to burn (I also snacked on the other half of the banana–waste not, want not!). When I thought it was cooked enough, I took it out of the pan and sliced it up!

photo 4



This was a really good breakfast! And super filling! I didn’t have to eat my usual mid-morning snack, I was so satisfied!

Interesting Idioms

The other day, Huff the Hubs was lamenting that he had to clean the bathroom. I told him to “just bite the bullet and do it.”

“Ugh, what does that even mean…?” he wailed, trying to think of ways to prolong his procrastination.

But I starting to wonder: What does that mean? 

There are so many phrases I use all the time that I honestly have NO idea what they mean or where they came from. So I decided to do some research!


“Bite the Bullet”


Meaning: accept something difficult or unpleasant

This saying actually comes from the Civil War days. When emergency surgery was needed for soldiers on the battlefield and there was no anesthesia, the surgeon would have his patient bite down on a bullet to distract him from the pain of surgery.


“More Than You Can Shake a Stick At”


Meaning: have more than you need

Shepherds used to guide their animals with a stick as they herded them. When there were too many animals for a shepherd to control, there was said to be “more animals than you can shake a stick at”.


Butter them Up” 


Meaning: to flatter someone

In ancient India, there was a custom practiced that involved throwing balls of clarified butter at statues of the gods to seek favor.


“Caught Red-Handed”


Meaning: caught doing something wrong

This saying actually came about because of a particular law. If someone killed an animal that didn’t belong to him (like a cow or chicken) the perpetrator had to be caught with the animal’s blood on his hands to be convicted.


“Go the Whole 9 Yards”


Meaning: try your hardest

During WWII, fighter pilots were given a 9-yard chain of ammunition. If a pilot were to use all of the ammunition, he gave it “the whole nine yards.”


Feel smarter? I know I do!

Fan Girl Friday

Ah, Friday, you sexy SOB. I’m so glad you’re here again. And I’m even more glad that you’ve brought some squeal-worthy fandom news and goodies to make us all pee our pants with excitement!

Guys, I’ve got movie and television news coming out the wazoo!

The highly-anticipated second-to-last film in The HUnger Games trilogy opens later this year! And we FINALLY have a first look at the film (other than the teaser at the end of Catching Fire). Check out Julianne Moore as President Coin:

pres coin

Of all the casting decisions for THG, I am MOST happy with this choice. When I read about President Coin, the person I envisioned was very, very similar to Moore’s representation. Why do you think? Like it? Hate it? Wish someone else was cast? You can get more Mockingjay news here!


Fairy tales are getting a lot more screen time here lately: ABC’s Once Upon a Time, NBC’s Grimm, and the feature film about Princess Aurora’s nemesis–Malificent–will be hitting the big screen May 30thNow we can add another film to the list–Cinderella. Kenneth Branagh (AKA, Professor Lockhart), director of Thor and Iron Man 2, is doing a live-action retelling of Cinderella! And the teaser trailer hit the web this week, making us Disney-Princess-lovin’-chicks squeal with delight! Check it out!


The CW is really trying hard to cash in on the super hero phenomenon. They’ve already got Arrow, they used to have Smallville, and coming this fall: The Flash. Take a look at the trailer for the show!


Star Wars Day was a few weeks ago, but its never too late to share some Jedi-inspired duds! Check out this awesome Star Wars themed wedding! Complete with light saber grooms cake! Click the link for more!



Have a happy weekend, fangirls and boys!