This week there was a story on Yahoo about American’s biggest pet peeves. The top five were: rude people, slobs, late people, loud talkers, and crappy travelers (i.e., people that stuff too much in overhead bins or sit in the wrong seat).


I have a long list of things that annoy me. A few are on that list and some may seem ridiculous but I honestly don’t care. There are certain things that just grate on my nerves! A lot of them have to do with sounds. My family jokes and says I suffer from misophonia (I seriously think I may have this!):



Not to be outdone by the people polled by Yahoo, I have compiled my own list of my biggest annoyances (in no particular order):


The bluetooth headset


I’m not opposed to the headset itself I’m opposed to the people that wear it EVERYWHERE. Why do you need your bluetooth in church? Why do need your bluetooth while pumping gas? Why do you need a bluetooth if you’re not trading stocks?!



I. HATE. SMACKING. Its disgusting (I don’t want to see your food being masticated), its rude (seriously, didn’t your mom teach you better?!), and its really off-putting (I will wrinkle my nose at you).  When I was a kid, smacking was no-no. And as an adult, it should stay a no-no!




I’m sure there are some great teens out there and I don’t want to use a broad generalization and make some of you teens feel bad. But there are so many times that I want to just grab a youth by their shoulders, shake them, and say: “Pull up your pants!”; “Tights are not leggings!”; and “Pick up your feet when you walk!”


Incorrect Use of Your/You’re


Call me a Grammar Nazi all you want. I don’t care. If being well-educated on the proper usage of words makes me a Grammar Nazi, then I wear that badge proudly!


What are your pet peeves? Perhaps blogs that talk about how they’re annoyed by some of the things you do? Grammar Nazis? Or maybe, animals dressed as humans?

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