Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. I’ve always felt super appreciative to my mom for all the sacrifices she has made for my sisters and me through the years. She would go without so many times just so we girls could have new clothes, be able to do the things we wanted, and always cheered us on. To steal a line from my buggy KD–“Mom, you’re the real MVP.”

Now that I’m a mom myself, I won’t lie…I’ve got to question the woman’s sanity. She did this THREE. FREAKING. TIMES. And she was a SAHM. AND she didn’t have ANY pain medication when she gave birth (yeah, my mom’s a BAMF).

I know I’ve only been a mom for 8 months (and 7 days) but I can tell you: it is not easy.

Before I got pregnant, I thought about the kind of mom I wanted to be. I didn’t want to be too overprotective or a “helicopter-parent”. I told myself that my kids would be my buddies and their friends would become mine.



Now, however, I have a completely different mindset. I don’t want her touching anything that’s fallen on the floor, I don’t want strangers touching her, and I sure as heck want a background check on any child that requests a playdate. In short, I want to protect her from EVERYTHING.



When I first go pregnant, I was so scared. And for good reason. I saw deliveries on television; I knew what was awaiting me in the delivery room. There were many nights I’d just glare at Huff the Hubs and think, “You….You did this.” 




But then when I FINALLY pushed that little girl out of me and they laid her on my chest I was an inconsolable mess of happy.



As time went on, I realized that this whole parenting thing is hard. Like, really hard. First, there’s all the crying (and not just Hermione’s).



And leaving the house became a huge ordeal. You have no idea what you might need on a short trip to Wal-Mart. What if she pukes? What if she needs a toy? What if she needs the kitchen sink for something? 



But, as time goes on, I’m learning to deal with the new changes. I’ve stopped really caring if I’m not “runway ready” when I leave the house.

mom jeans


And I’m learning to not be so uptight about things. Honestly, It doesn’t really matter if I haven’t gotten much sleep when I see my little girl smile up at me from her crib, I melt.



And I find myself daydreaming about when Hermione starts hitting milestones; like crawling, walking, and oh yes–talking! Although I’m nervous about her saying something completely embarrassing in public.



And I can’t wait to be able to give her sage advice, like my mom did for me.



The teen years, I’m not so much looking forward to. I know how obnoxious I was as a 13-year-old and I’m really not looking forward to my comeuppance.

boy slaps mom


And even though I’m scared for Hermione–all the things she’ll have to face, the inevitable heartaches she’ll endure, the teenage angst, and the temper tantrums, I’m so incredibly excited to be able to guide her through it all. She’s such an amazing little person and I’m so blessed that God sent her to Huff the Hubs and me.

Motherhood is tiring…



Sometimes its a thankless job…



But its the BEST title I’ve ever held. Moments like this make it worthwhile:

we 3


photo (2)


And Mom, if you’re reading this, thank you for being so amazing. Thank you for giving me the knowledge and support I need to get through this. I’m so incredibly blessed to have you as my mother and Hermione is blessed to call you “Nana”. You are AMAZING!


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