Try It Tuesday

Here lately, my immune system has taken a HUGE kick in the pants. Its like every other week I’m coming down with something.


So I decided two things were to blame: marathon training (training really lowers your body’s ability to fight infection) and the fact that I’ve been eating like a 13-year-old boy (i.e., lots of junk and lots of soda). I want to not only feel healthy, I also want to finally ditch these last 10lbs of baby weight that are so desperately clinging to me.

I used to drink a spinach smoothie about every day. All it was was some almond milk, spinach, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and a packet of Splenda. It was yummy, low calorie, and helped me get in a serving of green veggies easily. When i got pregnant, I heard that kale was the way to go because of all the folic acid. Have you ever tried to blend kale? Yeah. Its disgusting. But I knew it was a super food and I wanted to give it another go.

Whilst shopping, I saw this and thought, “I can put THIS in a smoothie!”



The ingredients were simple: kale puree, spinach puree, cucumber puree, and pure apple juice. That’s it! I wanted to try it by itself first to see if I liked it before making a smoothie with it.

This was a bad idea.

First, it smelled like butt. Seriously. But I took a sip anyway.

Second bad idea.

I could barely choke it down without spitting it back out.



And now the taste is forever burned into my taste buds.



Has anyone ever tried this? Any way to make it more palatable? I don’t want to waste the bottle, but I am SO not drinking that by itself again!





5 thoughts on “Try It Tuesday

  1. The trick is to add it to fruit. I know fruit has a lot of sugar, but it doesn’t take much to take away the bitterness. I put raw kale in a blender with berries and coconut water and a little bit of unsweet almond milk and ground flax for protein. Sometimes a little honey. The honey and berries do up the sugar, but local honey helps with allergies,

    For the juice, I would blend it with frozen banana and a little honey. Maybe some yogurt, if that’s your bag. I basically just add either green juice or raw kale to every smoothie I make, no matter what’s in it.

  2. After talking to my doctor about my sugar intake since some of my medicine is causing my blood sugar to spike, he said fruit has a different kind of sugar than, say, chocolate. So your body is better able to handle it. As far as honey, there are several doctors and nutritionists who would rather you put honey in as a sweetener than sugar or sugar substitute. So adding them to your smoothies to take away the “green” taste is an excellent solution!

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