Read This Post Right Meow

Earlier this week, video hit the web of a little boy getting attacked by a dog only to be saved by a cat.

Yes, you read that right: a cat.

Now, I’m not so much a cat person. In my opinion, cats are the feline equivalent of the snooty Regina George-like heifers in high school that either completely ignore you or get close to you, only to claw your eyes out later.

That being said, this cat truly took care of business:

Poor kid is never going to want to ride his bike again!

(Sidebar: anyone have a problem with the fact that the mom just left her kid there? Maybe she went after the dog–which clearly would’ve been a mistake–but still…”Hey kid, I know you’re probably freaking out, but Mommy’s gotta go. Young and the Restless is on.”)

After I watched this video, my opinion on cats started to change (not too much; let’s not get crazy). And I thought, “Maybe not all cats are bad. Some may actually be cute.” Which led to an hour-long binge search of cats on the web. Which I will now share with you. You’re welcome.


"Excuse me, I was spying on the neighbor!"

“Excuse me, I was spying on the neighbor!”


"Wooo! A strike!"

“Wooo! A strike!”


"Try Schrodinger's experiment. I DARE you."

“Try Schrodinger’s experiment. I DARE you.”


"I mustache you to NOT get fresh with me, sir!"

“I mustache you to NOT get fresh with me, sir!”



I didn’t get to blog yesterday…things were ca-razee! But it was my awesome dad’s birthday yesterday! Dad, thanks for being so kick-a, creative, funny, supportive, and loving. You’re the best! And no one can rock a ‘stache like you!


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