I feel so off today.

You ever feel like that? Like you can’t seem to focus and you just can’t seem to start your day?

Its not like I’ve been a lazy slug or anything. I edited a ton for a book I’m ghostwriting. I got laundry done. I went grocery shopping. I called clients. But I just can’t seem to get focused.

I just feel….weird.





Maybe its because my allergies are going crazy. Or maybe its because my lower back is KILLING me (it feels like it did in my third trimester–the evil sciatic nerve is rearing its ugly head again!). Or maybe its because I drank too much caffeine.

There’s things going on (that I won’t divulge on here) that have me stressing a tad. Maybe that’s it.

Sigh…Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the weekend, some Tylenol, and nap.


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