Take a Look, Its in a Book!

Now that Hermione is almost nine months old (can you believe that?!) she’s getting really good at independent play. I can set her on a blanket in the living room with a collection of toys that makes it look like FAO Shwartz exploded in our house and do edits, make a sandwich, or actually go the bathroom.


When she was a newborn, I’d turn the TV on to Netflix—mostly The Office or New Girl—and work while she played or napped. Now, I feel like I need to turn on more age appropriate things, because her brain is like a sponge, so I am getting an education into the world of children’s daytime programming.


It has really changed since I was a kid! Granted, there’s still Sesame Streetand Arthur, but other than that, I don’t know half of these shows! It really makes me reminisce about my childhood and the shows I used to watch. But, thanks to Levar Burton, I may not need to think longingly about days gone by! Oh yes, that’s right: Reading Rainbow could be making a comeback, people!


When Reading Rainbow went off the air in 2006, it was a sad, sad day. But that wasn’t the absolute end for the butterfly in the sky. Burton created a reading app to help kids get excited about reading. However, not every kid has a tablet or an iPhone (although it seems that way). According to Gizmodo, Burton wants to “develop a web-enabled Reading Rainbow for at-home use, create a classroom version along with lesson plans and teacher-friendly tools, and subsidize the cost so any school can use Reading Rainbow anywhere for free.”


How awesome is that?!


You can join the movement and donate on his Kickstarter site here!


And get more info here:

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