But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

Ah, the selfie. The Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2013 has really made a name for itself. Its even found its way into psychological debate!


A few months ago, news that the American Psychological Association (APA) decided taking selfies was actually a mental disorder (called: “Selfitis”) spread all over social media. It was plastered all over Facebook and Twitter almost overnight, causing shock and awe. It practically forced people to take photos of themselves looking like this:


"I don't have a disorder! #imawesome!")

“I don’t have a disorder! #imawesome!”


However, they could #calmdown because it was all a hoax.


But it got me thinking about selfies…why do we feel the need to take them and why so often?



I admit, I have taken my share of selfies. I don’t take one everyday and when I do take one, it’s usually me sending it to my sister saying: “Does this outfit look okay?” or “Can you tell I have a zit?”


The most notorious selfie-taker, in my opinion, is Kim Kardashian. I guess I can’t fault her too much… I mean, that’s how her career got started—the “selfie” she took of her and Ray J (hey oh!) was an internet sensation. The girl has 1,657 photos alone on Instagram and I’m guessing most of those are selfies. Which is why I don’t have Instagram.


I’m very torn on how I feel about selfies. They are some days that I scroll through my newsfeed and I just sigh—Ah, twenty selfes in a row. Great.


But then there are other days that I see them and think, “How did she get her hair to do that?! I need to text her…”


Maybe it’s because I’m older and I didn’t grow up with so much social media like “these kids nowadays” but I can’t help but feel that selfies are a tad narcissistic. Whenever I see teens post a selfie every other hour, I think “Sweetie, do you need some attention? Do you need to hear the Aibileen speech?” And then it makes me cringe, thinking about how embarrassed I would be to know that Hermione is posting duck-faced photos of herself, throwing up the peace sign from our bathroom.


But then I think to how many pictures I post of Hermione and I’m sure there are people that see them in their news feed and think, “Gah, enough of your freaking kid already! Sheesh!”




What do you think? Do you think selfies are annoying, awesome, or just a new way to communicate?



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