Blog Hop

Marisa Mohi, a panda-loving pal of mine (and former coworker/Sarcasm Society sister) asked me if I would be interested in doing a blog hop.


“A wha–?” I asked. “Is this like a new thing the kids are doing?”

(I am obviously “so down” with the “haps” nowadays.)


She informed me that a “blog hop” is when a fellow blogger gives you questions to answer on your blog and then you send those questions to another blogger. Of course I said yes because Marisa is AWESOME and a kick-a writer (who I will now embarrass with shameless plugs for her blog and her hilarious writing for and can come up with puns, plots, and protagonists at a moment’s notice.



Let’s start blog hoppin’!


(By the way, Marisa, I totally stole this jpeg from your blog. Finders, keepers.)


What are you working on?

Right now I’m working on a couple of projects. I’m trying hard to find a literary agent for my second YA novel, Couture in the Cornfields. I’m also “jazzing up” the first novel I ever wrote—The Speaker. I like the basic storyline of it, but reading it now, I see just how much I’ve grown as a writer and I’m simply aghast at what I thought was “good” back then. (Sigh. To be 22 again and believe that Twilight was literature….) And finally, I’m working on an adult (no, not that type of adult) novel about a young woman who is burned by love and ends up as a nanny for a washed up, one-hit-wonder band that’s trying to hold on tightly to their last pieces of fame.



How does your work differ from others in its genre?

Honestly, my stuff is so much better than the rest of the crap out there! Just kidding. I’m not better than JK Rowling. She’s a goddess. But, I think my writing’s just as good if not better than a certain YA writer that has a penchant for vampires. I haven’t read anything like Couture in the Cornfields, which I hope is a good thing. Here’s a little background info on that book.

The Speaker is a supernatural YA novel that gets back to basics: ghosts. Right now, it’s as though the shelves at bookstores are inundated with vampires, fairies, shape shifters, angels, demons, etc. I think its time for a good ole fashioned ghost story!

The latest project I’m working on (which is only about 20 pages long thus far and has no title) is sort of a fantasy of mine. I would LOVE to be able to tour the world and hang out with my favorite band (though, this fantasy was concocted in my early twenties when I had a lot more energy, an iron stomach, and the ability to stay up past 9:00 p.m.).



Why do you write what you do?

Most of what I write is young adult because that’s primarily what I read. I don’t know why, but young adult novels are—in my opinion—more relatable than adult novels. Probably because I think I’m still 18. To which my aching back and creaking knees reply, “Nope. You’re almost thirty, honey.”



How does your writing process work?

I used to just wait for inspiration to strike and then I’d hide away for hours and write. The first rough draft of The Speaker was written on my flight home from London in 2008! But now I’ve learned that you have to have discipline. You have to have time set aside so you can focus and make the magic happen!


So that’s it! That’s my sage writing advice. What about you? Are you working on anything? Got any tips for your fellow authors?










(I haven’t found a blogger to hop this to for next Monday, so if any of my awesome blogger friends would like to partake, let me know!)

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