Try It Tuesday

I was looking through my Pinterest board of Try It Tuesday ideas and I realized that there were a ton of “Life Hacks” that I haven’t tried yet. What are Life Hacks? I’m sure you’ve seen them on Pinterest:



So today I decided that I would try a couple to see if they actually work! (I haven’t tried the one above…Have you?)

The first LH I tried was this one:


As you know, I have been docu-crazy lately! Pretty much everything on my Netflix list that isn’t British television, is a documentary! I was a little skeptical, but I went to the site. And boy, oh boy, I was NOT disappointed!

Documentary Heaven

They have HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of documentaries! They’re all split up into different subject matters, so you kind of have to wade through them all. BUT, I found like 20 different documentaries I’ve been wanting to watch that aren’t on Netflix! Woo!


I really want to brush up on my Spanish. I took three years of it in high school and actually started out in college as a Spanish Ed major. But, I ended up changing it to Journalism. I’ve been wanting to make more of an effort to get better at speaking and hopefully teach Hermione some Español too! So when I saw this LH, I was super excited!


I accidentally typed “.org” instead of “.com” and I was super disappointed because a weird website came up. But after realizing my mistake, I typed the appropriate address and got this:

Duo Lingo


The program starts out with a simple sentence. You roll your mouse over each word and it translates each word for you. After a few moments of this, you are taken to the screen above where you type the sentence out yourself. You keep doing little exercises like this, earning points which unlocks new activities. You can also choose the “immersion” option, which will send you to an article in a foreign language and will then translate it for you.

Duo Lingo 3

Its really cool! And I’m betting the kiddos would LURVE it!


Have you tried any Life Hacks?


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