Papa, Can You Hear Me?

As we all know, this Sunday is Father’s Day. I sincerely hope you’ve bought your dad something nice or at least got the poor guy a card, seeing as how he’s one half of the reason you’re here!


Some people think dad’s get the shaft on Father’s Day because such a fuss is made over mom’s on Mother’s Day which, honestly, I think it should be that way; but dad’s shouldn’t be forgotten. They are just as important as mom’s.


Mila Kunis (who is preggo with boyfriend Kelso, er, Ashton Kutcher’s spawn) was on Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week and did a hilarious PSA, asking men to no longer say the words, “We’re pregnant.” She argued jokingly: “You’re not pregnant! Do you have to squeeze a watermelon-sized person out of your lady-hole? No.”
Which is hilarious. Because yeah, the guy isn’t doing all of the major, heavy lifting. BUT I’ve learned that dads do do (heh, “do do”) a lot during pregnancy. At least, HtH did.


Huff the Hubs was so great during my pregnancy. Those first few months when I was nauseous all the time and couldn’t cook dinner because the smell bothered me, he really stepped up to the plate (literally!).

He also started helping out a lot more around the house.



He’d go on food craving runs for me.

food craving


When I’d flip out and have crazy mood swings, he’d just let me flip out and then help me calm down.





And when I’d get scared about having to push his love goblin out of me, he’d always know what to say to help me not be afraid. He’s basically my Disney Prince.





Even after labor and delivery, HtH really took such great care of me (and Hermione). He was (and is) so protective of the both of us, its adorable. Bryan, you are—without a doubt—my favorite human being. You are kind, loving, generous, thoughtful, and loyal. You are the reason I’m a mom. And I’m so glad you’re my partner in this adventure called Parenthood. And when I see you with our daughter, my heart melts. You’re amazing. I love you and I like you.




And Dad, thank you for setting such a great example of the kind of guy I should spend my life with and raise kids alongside. You have been the BEST dad a girl could ask for. I am so blessed to have you as my dad and even more so to have you as Hermione’s Papa.


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