Fan Girl Friday

Happy Fourth of July, fangirls and boys! Sorry I was MIA yesterday. I spent the entire day painting a room for two little kids that I think will be SUPER surprised when they finally arrive in Oklahoma! I can’t give you specifics because its supposed to be a surprise, but when they get here, I’ll post some pics!


One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to find more ways to go green. We use cloth diapers, we use cloth napkins, and I’m trying to convince my sister to utilize the compost area in her backyard. But I think I found a super-easy way to conserve! Check out these pencils!


When you’re done with the pencils, just pop them in the planter and watch your plants grow! You can choose from herbs, spices, or veggies!



Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters in just a little bit less than a month. And, if you just can’t wait to get your hands on some GotG swag, ThinkGeek has you covered!


These figurines are amazingly detailed and AWESOME! I really want the Groot one. He reminds me of Treebeard.



Even though I took a photography class in high school and college, I’m no photographer. If it goes beyond “point and click” I’m a novice. So photographer friends, rejoice! There’s a light meter attachment (does anyone even know what a light meter does?) for your iPhone!


Just snap it on top, download the app, and BAM! You’re ready for a photo shoot!


Looking for a gift for someone that seems to have everything? ModCloth has you covered. It’s a Name a Star Gift Set!

star set

It comes with everything you need to document the name of your individual star! Now that’s a present that’s out of this world!





Happy Fourth of July, everyone! And be safe–remember, Roman Candles are not meant to be held.

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