What’s Up With Your Subconscious?

I don’t know about you but I hardly ever remember my dreams. That is, until I got pregnant and my dreams were super-crazy, super-weird, and I had to write them down just because they were so weird.

I like to know what my dreams mean. I usually ask my dad what he thinks about them because he’s crazy-smart and really gets symbolism. But, when Pops isn’t around, I need help figuring out what the giant butterfly carrying me around on its back means. Enter: Dream Moods!

My sister and I started using this website a while back and now they have an app! Woo! I really like this app because you can just wake up plug-in main parts of your dream and then it’ll tell you what it means. Now, before people get all “This-is-witchcraft-and-a-bunch-of-New-Age-hippie-crap”, calm down. There are many stories in the Bible that talk about dream interpretations, so get off my back, okay?

Last night, I had the weirdest dream. I dreamed that I was in a small apartment and my immediate family was there. I heard a noise from my room and saw that there was a dog in my bedroom. Then, another dog–a Dalmatian–appeared with the same color scheme and print as my comforter! Then, the dog turned into a man, carrying a small alligator.

Weird, right?

(I promise you, I had nothing to drink nor had I taken Ambien before I went to bed.)

So let’s see what Dream Moods has to say about this!


photo 5





photo 1



photo 4


photo 2


photo 3


So basically, I’m a loyal, people-pleaser looking for some respite because I need to work on some hidden talents.

Which, I think is kind of spot-on. I’m super loyal to those I love (the dog) and I’ve been making sure to take really good care of my sister’s house while she’s away (Dalmatian/people-pleaser). I’ve also noticed that I’ve been feeling super tired lately (comforter), and getting an agent for my book–and working on a new one–has been in the back of my mind for the past week (alligator/hidden instincts)!

Try the app; you may learn a little bit about yourself!



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