Writer Wed-Er-Thursday

Hey errbody! Sorry there was no post yesterday. My Maryland family came into town like a thundering horde and I was caught up with smothering them with hugs and kisses. So Writer Wednesday has been moved to today!


Here’s today’s prompt:


When I first told my family about the monster in my room, they didn’t believe me.


I shared the room with my two sisters, but I was the only one who saw the monster. He appeared in my window every night, keeping a sinister watch over me. And, by the time I woke up every morning, he was gone. He was tricky like that.


I tried to tell my parents that the monster was real. I woke them up repeatedly, shouting “He’s back! He’s back!” But, much like the wizarding community in Harry Potter #5, no one listened. Mom and Dad would walk me back to my room, tuck me in under my Rainbow Brite sheets and tell me that there was no monster.


My sisters even took me outside to show that there was no evidence the monster existed. There were no footprints, no clumps of fur caught on the fence; there was no sign of trespassing.


Still, the monster came. Every night, I’d see his two giant eyes peer down at me and his twisted offset grin glow bright yellow.


It wasn’t until one night that I was especially inconsolable about the monster that I finally converted a member of my family into a believer.


One stormy night when the monster made his presence known, I made a run for it. I went as fast as I could to my parents’ room and shook my sleeping father. He snorted awake.


“Daddy! Daddy!” I cried. “The monster’s back!”


“What?” my dad said sleepily.


“The monster is back!” I said, tugging on his arm.


He slowly shuffled behind me to my room.


“Look!” I said, pointing the window.


He rubbed his eyes. “Huh, well what do ya know…”


He saw it! My dad saw the monster! He lifted the shade, touched the window and the monster disappeared. (This is also when I first thought my father may possess some sort of magical abilities.) I climbed into bed, finally able to shut my eyes without fear of being eaten alive and fell right to sleep.


The monster had been vanquished, once and for all.






(It was later that I found out the “monster” was actually aluminum foil that my dad had put in the window to block out the sun. The window in our bedroom faced the west, so the sun—and a streetlight—could shine through three holes in the foil. These three holes were placed just so that they looked like a monster’s face.)

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