Bear Down

Here lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve been clenching my teeth. I won’t even be doing anything stressful–or even feel stressed–but my teeth are clenched tight.

teeth grinding

My teeth have been super sensitive the past few months and I’ve been getting headaches more frequently. I thought it was because I needed caffeine, but I attribute it to my teeth clenching.

When I Googled: “How to stop clenching my teeth” one of the answers basically said that teeth grinding (also called bruxism) is caused by stress. So, just don’t be stressed.





Another website said that there could be many things that are causing me to clench teeth:

~Too much caffeine

~Too much alcohol

~Not enough sleep

~Work stress

~Not enough exercise

~Poor diet


Well…I’m not giving up my coffee or Diet Coke. Sorry. Can’t happen. I need it because I’m not getting enough sleep. I haven’t had alcohol in FOREVER (I can’t bring myself to pump and dump; breast milk is liquid gold). Of course I’m not getting enough sleep–I have an almost one year old. Work stress? Not even touching that one. And I exercise and eat right. So I don’t see what I can do to stop my teeth clenching. Maybe I should get one of those mouth guards like Joey.


Do you clench your teeth? What do you do to make yourself stop? How do you relieve stress?



4 thoughts on “Bear Down

  1. I used to clench my teeth and my fists. I used progressive muscle relaxation, and it stopped the problem! Basically, start at your head or feet and work your way through every muscle group, relaxing each as you go. Hope this helps!

  2. Good luck on getting rid of your teeth grinding. A new cause has been found recently. This may not be your case, but since it helped me, I thought sharing it here may help others. Teeth grinding episodes may be cause by sleep disturbances. (This was proven in some medical research, see for more details). So it is important to check if there is anything disturbing your sleep (such as sleep apnea or upper airway resistance). Of course, this is easier said than done since your are not conscious during sleep. Filming yourself sleeping or going to a lab for a sleep study can help detect those sleep disturbances.

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