Try It Tuesday

You guys. I am SO excited about today’s Try It! I seriously feel like this is the BEST Try It I’ve ever done!

I didn’t find this on Pinterest, I just came up with this on my own!

The other night, I was walking Pinny Lane and I saw an old highchair someone had thrown out. We’ve been needing an actual highchair because Hermione’s chubby little legs get stuck in the Bumbo. So when I saw the throw away highchair, I was super excited! Especially because the highchair I wanted from Target was crazy-expensive.

Here is the before:

photo 1

Very 1995.


First, I took the cushions off so I could clean them, as well as the inside of the highchair. It. Was. FUNKY.

At least a decade of fossilized fruit snacks.

At least a decade of fossilized fruit snacks.


I sprayed everything down with the water hose, and then I scrubbed it all with Scrubbing Bubbles and Clorox. I also took the plastic covers off of the chair’s corners. I cleaned the dirt off the metal and then use painter’s tape and newspaper to cover the metal pieces.

I used spray paint specifically formulated for plastics and painted the plastic areas.



While that dried, I thought about how to cover the cushions. I didn’t like the fabric, and both the seat and the back had tears in them.

photo 3 (2)

Somebody’s kid “went Wolverine” on this!


I didn’t want to use plain old material, because that would stain easily. I also knew that buying vinyl fabric would be expensive and the whole point of this was to save money. That’s when I had a brilliant idea: duct tape.

Duct tape comes in so many different colors now AND its basically plastic (meaning it will clean easily). So I went to Target and picked out two different colors: one for the back and one for the seat. I chose these:

photo 3 (3)

Pretty purple!


I used the paisley for the back and the purple for the seat. When I did the back, I tried to line up the pattern as best I could, to make it have a “seamless” look. I think they turned out pretty well:

My kind of "sewing".

My kind of “sewing”.


Then, I put everything back together again. And voila! A new highchair was born!

Hippie highchair.

Hippie highchair.


I really like how it turned out! And the best part is, I saved SO much!

Duct tape (paisley): $3.99

Duct tape (purple): $3.09

Spray paint: $4.85

Highchair: $0

Total: $11.93

Target highchair: $139.99

Total Savings: $128.06


Its official: I love upcycling!

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