Writer Wednesday

A few months ago, I woke up with a sudden inspiration for a new book. All I had was the first few opening paragraphs. But, in my sleepy daze, I thought it was pure gold. I’m determined to turn these few paragraphs into a full-fledged YA novel. But I need some help. Here’s what I have so far:


“Get up you will.”
“Lazy you are.”
“A Jedi you will never be.”


My Yoda alarm clock was going off. I used to think this thing was cool. That is, until it started speaking to me in insulting nonsensical syntax at five thirty in the morning. I rolled over and knocked the green gremlin on his head (the Jedi equivalent of hitting the snooze) and pulled my covers over my eyes.


I really didn’t want to get out bed this morning. I contemplated telling my mom I was sick. It couldn’t be a cold, obviously; I didn’t have a runny nose or a cough. I could try to fake it but I was a horrible actress. Like Halle Berry in Catwoman, bad. I decided on faking a stomach ailment. Those were usually the best fake sicknesses to have. You didn’t necessarily HAVE to have a fever and all of your symptoms were internal.




Why didn’t I want to get out of bed this morning, you ask? Because it’s the last day of school. For most high-schoolers, this is the day they look forward to more than Christmas. After all, next year, I’ll be a senior. All of my classmates are dancing in halls. But not me. I was looking forward to summer like I would a root canal.




Now, my question to you is: why would my main character not look forward to summer? There are NO wrong answers! Get to brainstorming, peeps!

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