Digital Detox

The other morning, I was watching The Today Show. One of their correspondents was talking about how, on the first of August, she was going to start a 31-day digital detox. The correspondent, Jill Martin, said she felt as though she was letting her phone control her life. From texting, to calling, to emailing, and apps, she felt like she never looked a person in the face and had lost the art of holding a conversation. She decided to swear off her smartphone for the entire month. Jill asked the rest of the Today Show anchors to join in on her detox.


And I am too.


Lately, Huff the Hubs has been complaining that I am always on my phone. He calls my iPhone “my kidney” because it’s basically attached to me. My biggest time-waster apps have been: Candy Crush, Facebook, and Pinterest. I can’t just give up my phone (or invest in one of these things), because—unlike Jill—I don’t have a personal assistant and I have a kid. So, for the month of August, I am going to use my phone strictly for phone calls and texts.


This means I can’t use ANY of my apps from my phone.


Like, any.


I’ve already deleted Candy Crush, and, if I need to, I’ll delete the others as well.


I’ve also decided on a few more things I want to “detox” from:

~Fried food (so long, Chick-Fil-A waffle fries!)


~Needless spending (Bye-bye, Target’s Dollar Spot )


I’ll be blogging about my detox hits and misses and hopefully finding some ways to fight against some of my more toxic habits. And if anyone wants to join in on the “fun” (totes meant that sarcastically because LAWD this is going to be a tough month!) let me know! I’ll be here to give encouragement and also to whine to!


Here’s to a healthier, happier August!



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