Digital Detox: Update

Hey guys! So, as you know, I’m working on doing a little digital detox. I’m trying to cut down the time I spend on my phone, so for the month of August, I’m working on only using my iPhone for phone calls and texting (you know, like what phones were originally designed for).

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Its only the fourth day of the month and I gotta tell ya, I am doing…..HORRIBLE.
On Friday, I tried my hardest to not pick up my phone. But, alas, I did.
In the spirit of full discretion, here are the apps I used:
~Google Maps
In my defense, I needed to use Google Maps so I could find the place I was going. Although, I could have very well used it before I left and printed out the directions. Buuuttt…. I didn’t. Womp, womp.
Saturday was a little better. I only used it twice. Again for Google and Sparkpeople. As I was laying in bed Saturday night, though, I got the itch to look at Pinterest. Scrolling through my news feed on Pinterest has been a nightly ritual of mine for a while now. I can’t explain it, but it somehow helps me fall asleep. So instead of using my phone, I picked up the tablet. I tried looking at Pinterest on it, but it was loading slow and the tablet is so big, that it was a pain to lay down and look at. Frustrated, I turned it off and actually fell asleep an hour earlier than I normally do!
Yesterday, I didn’t use my phone for ANYTHING except phone calls and text messages. I could NOT believe it! When I needed to log my food into Sparkpeople, I did it on the laptop. When I needed to look something up, I used the laptop. Its weird, but I’m becoming more aware of how much I use my phone now that I turn to my laptop instead. Its like, “Ugh, I feel so lazy just sitting here in front of my computer…” I found myself doing other things like swimming, reading, or playing with Hermione.
Today has gone pretty well so far. I haven’t really had the temptation to pick up my phone to look at Facebook or Pinterest. And, honestly, this whole detox thing is not about being perfect; it’s about being aware of my usage. It’s also helping me realize what is and isn’t important/imperative. There have been so many times in the past that I would be in the middle of a conversation, think of something, and pick up my phone to Google what I had thought of, completely disregarding the person I was speaking to. Now, I have to tell myself, “Oh, don’t forget to Google that when you get home,” and I do. Which doesn’t bother me.
My other “detoxes”–no gossiping, no needless spending, and no fried food–are going pretty well. I did spend money at a garage sale on stuff I didn’t necessarily need…but it was a super good deal! Plus, I think I’ll be able to sell some of the stuff on Amazon and make a pretty good profit!
Are you doing any kind of detox? How’s it going? Do you have any tips that would help detoxers out there?

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