Try It Tuesday

Are you ready to get your craft on? If so, then today’s Try It is just for you!

Here lately, I’ve been trying to think of ways to organize Hermione’s room. She’s only ever in there to sleep (her baby jail is in the living room) but somehow her stuff has exploded into every corner in her room. Most notably, her clothes and bows. When she was a newborn, she had maybe five or six and they were easy to organize. Now, however, she has too many to count and her bow box looks like this:


Thankfully, Pinterest is here to help a sistah out! Check out this pin I found:

original pin

Sadly, the pin was a link to nowhere. BUT, I knew that just by looking at it, I could put something similar together. And, thankfully, I already had everything I needed!

Here’s what you’ll need:

~a wooden picture frame (I used one I bought a long time ago at Dollar Tree)


~staple gun

~glue gun

~hooks with the screw tips (you can usually find them with the picture hanging supplies; Huff the Hubs actually had some in his toolbox!)

~20 minutes (or less) to spare


First, disassemble your  picture frame and take out the glass and fake family. Then, lay the picture frame on your table and lay out the hooks according to how far apart you want them. Then, mark the spots with a pencil or marker:

frame (2)


Then, drill small holes on the marks (or, do like I did and ask your husband to do it) and screw in the hooks:

frame (3)


Next, get your ribbon and measure out the length of you’ll need to stretch from the top of the frame to the bottom. Its also a good idea to space them out how you’d like the finish product to look, too.

photo 1


Get your staple gun (I had to use a regular stapler…I don’t recommend it) and staple the ribbon down. (I also used hot glue to reinforce the staples and keep the ribbon taught.)

photo 2


When all of the ribbons have been stapled and/or glued, cut another ribbon to use to hang up the frame. (I had to use a ribbon because the hook of the actual frame was attached to the cardboard backing.)

photo 3


Then, you’re ready to display your princesses bows or your own accessories!


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