Writer Wednesday

Hello all!

No prompt/short story for today’s Writer Wednesday. I thought I’d instead give you some tips! There are many, many books out there that can help unleash the writer within as well as help you hone the skills you already have. Here is just a short list of books I think every writer should have in their arsenal.


1. Eats Shoots and Leaves

eat shoots leaves

A cheekily titled book that discuss a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners approach to punctuation. I actually read this in a book club! It was very informative (and quite hilarious!).


2. On Writing Well

writing well

This book is thorough and easy to read. It has help for just about any area of writing that you may be struggling with. A definite MUST have.


3. Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus

writer's thesaurus

I actually own this bad boy! And let me tell ya, it has come in handy SO many times! After about three hours of writing, your brain starts to turn to mush. So it becomes difficult to find another word that means sad. Soon all of your sentences say the same thing: “She was sad. He was sad. The turtle was sad.” And that, my friends, is just…sad dismal.



4. Choose the Right Word

choose the right word

I also own this one! This book helps you determine the correct usage for certain words. Just look up the word, see the contect you need to use it in, and bam! you’re good to go!


Have you read any of these? Do you own any? Are there other books about writing you’d recommend?

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