Try It Tuesday

Tomorrow is the first day of October and fall is in full swing, peeps! And you know what that means: pumpkin flavored novelties are EVERYWHERE! Including my favorite cookies: Oreo.

You know my love for the O-R-E-O is deep. Whenever there is a new flavor, I HAVE to try it. Enter: today’s Try It. And–surprise!–its a twofer!



photo 1





photo 2



I LOVE caramel apples. There’s an AWESOME candy shop that has the most amazing caramel apples. However, those things are loaded with crazy amounts of calories and sugar. So when I saw these at Wally World, I was amped up!

photo 3

This flavor was pretty good! It was a tad on the “too sweet” side, but I still liked it! My sister, however, took one bite and spit it out. She said it tasted like a Jolly Rancher.



This next one was AH-MAY-ZING!

photo 4

This flavor was basically like biting into fall, if fall were a cream-filled cookie. A word of caution, though: I drank a glass of milk with this one and it totally ruined the flavor. But, then I tried it with a cup of coffee and it was the PERFECT pairing!


Oreo, you’ve done it again my friend.

Mommy Monday

Before I had a baby, I didn’t really consider myself a “connoisseur” of music. Granted, I know a lot about music history. I was raised on Bruce Springsteen, The Allman Brothers Band, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I worked at a classic rock radio station and learned all about the importance of The Wall, Alice Cooper, and Katmandu.


I didn’t really keep up with new music—I’m certainly no hipster, going to shows in musty old clubs, bobbing my head to two guys and a laptop—but I knew the greats. I prided myself in not listening to stuff I considered ridiculous or not worth the plastic case it was packaged in.


Then, I became a mom.


And my music collection went from this:



to this:


I’ve found myself go from humming and air-guitaring Hotel California and Night Moves  to Zaccheus Was a Wee Little Man and Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.


At first, I cringed. “Ugh,” I moaned. “I’ll never be the ‘cool’ mom! Better get the Mom Jeans and embroidered sweaters.”


But then I saw Huff the Babe giggle when I danced to Father Abraham and saw her face light up when I jammed out to Where is my Hairbrush? Then I figured I’m okay with not being the ‘cool’ mom. I’ll settle for being the silly mom that sings silly songs and makes her little one laugh.

Fan Girl Friday

Iiiiittttsssss Friday!

And you know what that means: two days off work, sleeping in, and a gaggle of geeky goodies to suit your fandom fancy!


Huff the Hubs and I have been on the hunt for a house for about six months now. And, even though we haven’t found “The One” yet, I’ve been finding all kinds of things to decorate our future house, like this adorable spice rack from Think Geek!

spice rack


One of my new favorite geeky shopping sites is Perpetual Kid. They’ve got tons of nerdy novelties including this Monty Python-inspired watch:




Halloween is fast approaching—its only a month away! If you’re not up for making an entire costume on your own, check out this adorable Han Solo cosplay dress!

han solo dress



If you live in OKC/Moore area, you’ve probably heard about the zombie-apocalypse-inspired paintball The Orr Family Farm is having right now! Its looks AWESOME!


And speaking of zombies, the guys over at Bad Lip Reading have done it again with a lip dub of The Walking Dead! Check out the hilarity:

Writer Wednesday

Typically on Writer Wednesdays, I like to share a short story, a journal entry, or some general help for writers out there.

Today, though, I wanted to write–well, rant— about something different.

Monday night, Huff the Hubs and I were sitting in the living room, watching The Voice (btw, I’m really digging the new energy Pharrel and Gwen Stefani are bringing to that show). During one of the commercial breaks, there was a short ad for the makeup line, Wet n Wild.

As most of us ladies know, that is one of the cheaper brands of makeup/one of the first cosmetics we ever bought as teens with our own money because we could actually afford the $1.50 mascara and $2.00 lip gloss. (LipSmackers was for the wealthy.)

As I watched the commercial, my first thought was: “Oh wow! Wet n Wild is finally doing commercials! I’ve never seen a commercial for them before!”

Then, as the ad played on, I started to get angry.


First, the ad starts out with young women wearing skin-tight pleather outfits, clearly in a club. Now, when I was younger, WnW was seen as tween/teen line. That was the makeup before you got older and wised up that other brands were better. So I cringed at the thought of 12 and 13-year old’s seeing this commercial and thinking, “Oh, I want to look like that!”

Then, the commercial continues and we see Girl A looking at Girl B enviously. Girl A starts to do her makeup exactly like Girl B to which Girl B loses her cool and starts fighting with Girl A.

I felt as though this commercial was saying: “Compare yourself to others and try to be EXACTLY like them” as well as “If someone tries to be like you/steal your look, slap them with your purse and start a fight for no good reason because they’re not worthy.”

The ad continued with similar circumstances until it finally came to an end, being replaced by a toilet paper commercial and leaving me with my mouth open and eyes wide.

I don’t know if its my new child-centric brain that I’ve acquired since I had a child, or the fact that I’m still all fired up from Emma Watson’s speech at the UN yesterday, but I feel as though this commercial (among many) is sending the absolute WRONG message to our girls. I’m not calling for a boycott of the products or anything like that. I’m all for the free market and the right to advertise your business. However, I feel as though commercials and advertisements like these are setting us back as a society.

Have you seen the commercial?

Watch the commercial below and give me your take:


What do you think?



Try It Tuesday

Happy first day of Autumn, folks!

fall leaves gif

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day in OKC! Huff the Babe and I even went outside and played! And we didn’t melt! Ahhhh, the sweet cool days of fall. I’m so happy they’re back!


Sadly, today’s Try It isn’t a pumpkin or caramel flavored treat (although I have pinned many ideas on Pinterest, so don’t worry; they’re coming!). However, today’s Try It IS healthy and yummy!

original pin


Here’s what you need:

photo 1

~a banana

~peanut butter (or almond butter; basically whatever nut butter your heart desires)

~1/4 cup chocolate chips (I used chunks because its all we had)

~wax paper

~small cookie sheet

That’s it!


First, line a small cookie sheet with wax paper. Then, slice up your banana as such:

photo 2


Spread some peanut butter on a slice and make a “banana sandwich” with another slice:

photo 3


Keep going until all of the slices have been “sandwich-ified”. Then, place them on the wax paper-lined cookie sheet and stick in the freezer for about an hour. After the hour is up, melt your chocolate in the microwave:

photo 4


Grab the bananas from the freezer and dip them into the chocolate, covering half of them. Pop ’em back into the freezer for another hour and then voila! your healthy snack/dessert is ready to be devoured:

photo 5


Honestly guys, if these things last until Huff the Hubs gets home, it’ll be a miracle. These little banana bites were so incredibly tasty AND easy! I think I might make these my “go-to” snack to take to parties!




Mommy Monday

I’ve been struggling to find stuff to blog about lately. I read somewhere that you should write about your life experiences and the humor you find in them. Well, that’s kind of a problem. Since I work from home five days a week and my evenings are typically spent at home, passing out in front of the TV with an empty Diet Coke can in hand and Huff the Hubs next to me, hoarding the blankets.

When I first started this blog, I didn’t really want to be pigeon-holed into one particular kind of blog. I wanted to be able to have the freedom to explore and write about all kinds of things. Having said that, I’ve come to the conclusion that Mondays shall henceforth be known as: Mommy Mondays. I’m going to chronicle the ups, downs, dirty diapers, and stretch marks that accompany being a First-Time Mom. I’ll also discuss how my life has changed “P.C.” (post child) as compared to “B.C.” (before child)

You’ll laugh (hopefully), you’ll cry, you’ll pee a little because now that you’ve pushed a baby out, there’s not as much bladder control in Lady Town. Either way, you’ll get a dose of Huffman reality that will let you know that you are not the only one out there going through what you’re going through.

So, for the inaugural Mommy Monday, I wanted to talk to you about movies.

Yes, movies.

Before Huff the Babe was here, I was very picky about my movies. I did not like cheesy movies.

Basically if the movie posters looked like this:

cheesy moviesOr this*:



I didn’t want to see it.

No offense to the filmmakers or folks that watch them, but I just couldn’t handle the Velveeta Factor. I don’t like Lifetime original movies and I cannot stand Hallmark Channel movies. The acting is horrible, the plot lines are ridiculous, and the dialogue drips with cheese. I seriously get a headache 20 minutes in because I keep doing this:

eye roll


So when I saw Mom’s Night Out and actually ENJOYED it, I was surprised.

If you haven’t seen it, you should. Yes, its a tad cheesy, but its also really funny.  The premise is: a bunch of God-fearing, church-volunteering mommas go out for a night of G-rated fun. Things go inevitably wrong and hilarity ensues.

Here’s the trailer:


See? I should’ve been eye-rolling and cringing the entire time, right? Before Child, yes. Post Child? Not so much.




I don’t know what it is, but now that I have a kid, I’m such a sucker for cheesy movies/shows/cards/commercials! Things that used to make me want to gag out of annoyance now make me say, “Oh my gosh, that has to be the sweetest thing in the world! Why haven’t I always watched this?!”

I’ll tell you why. Because a year and a half ago, I wasn’t dipped into a pool of insanely potent pregnancy/mommy hormones that made me cry when I saw that a flower had been run over in the middle of the road! (And yes, that ACTUALLY happened!)


I’m sure these hormones will even out someday and I’ll be back to my “media cheese”-free life. But until then, I’m going to grab a box of tissues and go watch Love’s Everlasting Courage




What about you? Do you, like Pam Beesly-Halpert, watch Pulp Fiction differently now?






*I’m sure Fireproof is a great movie with a great message. I just can’t get passed the acting. I’m sorry; I’m one of those people. Even my great love for Mike Seaver could not blind my critical eye from the mountain of bad acting.


Fan Girl Friday

Ah, Friday. Once again you grace us with your beautiful presence and boatloads of geeky gossip and fangirl fabulosity to get us through the last few hours of the grind!

Remember last summer when that weirdo-beardo statue of Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy popped up in a lake in London, leaving many of scratching our heads and thinking, “Huh?” Well, our favorite sexy sleuth has done his own rendition of “Darcy-ing”, wet t-shirt and all! (Warning: this picture is very swoon-worthy. Try not to faint, ladies.)

"I love you, most ardently."

“I love you, most ardently.”

And he’s not just doing this so we can all bask in the glory of Benedict’s beauty. This is one of many shots taken for the “Give Up Clothes for Good” campaign, benefiting cancer research! Its a win-win!


In other crush-worthy-television-nerdy-boy news, the final season of How I Met Your Mother is going to be released on DVD in just 4 days! There’s going to be tons of bonus extras, including a MUCH better ending to the tale of Ted Mosby (but you can watch it before you buy it here) and we FINALLY get an answer to the question that’s been plaguing us since Season One: WHERE DID THE PINEAPPLE COME FROM?!

ted gif

Seriously! We were told that all loose ends were going to be tied up but there’s was no reference to the pineapple incident at all in the season finale! That is, until now. Oh yes my friends, the mystery has been solved:


Comic Con 2015 tickets go on sale in TWO months, people! Hear that, Huff the Hubs? TWO. MONTHS. I think I need to start getting my cosplay outfits ready. Starting with this a-dork-able hoodie from Think Geek!

"Hey, puddin'!"

“Hey, puddin’!”

Isn’t it awesome?! I must has the precious!


Whenever I’m asked what my spirit animal is, its an easy answer: Grumpy Cat. I freaking love that feline! Even though she hates everything, I adore her (yeah, GC is totes a girl!). Which is why I am extremely excited that Lifetime is doing a movie about the kitty this winter. And the voice of the angsty cat? None other than Parks and Rec star, Aubrey Plaza! Isn’t that perfect?!

We hate all the same things.

We hate all the same things.



Do you realize that there are only 96 days until Christmas?! Let that sink in. And, if you’re like me, you know about half a dozen little girls who desperately want Frozen toys. If you’ve been to Target or Wal-Mart lately, you may have noticed that finding anything with Anna, Elsa, or Olaf’s face on it is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

frozen toys


But, according to The Huffington Post, Disney manufacturers WILL be able to provide dolls, action figures, and dress up outfits for your Frozen fan this holiday season! Disney claims they learned their lesson after what happened with The Little Mermaid. Evidently, “researchers” thought that little girls wouldn’t want to play with dolls with red hair (idiots) so they ordered basically ZERO dolls and/or memorabilia! They lost out on a ton of cashola and kids all over were forced to pretend to be Ariel in their bathtubs because there were zilch dolls!


All this talk about shopping and Christmas is getting me amped up for Black Friday! Maybe I should go look at my Black Friday prediction sites…

Writer Thursday

Hey guys!

Remember about three months ago when I shared the beginning of a new YA novel I was working on? I FINALLY wrote some more!

Before you read on, start here to read the opening scene and then continue.

I hope you like it! (And if you don’t, keep your mouth shut. Nobody likes a Negative Nelly.)




My best friend in the entire universe, Josie, was abandoning me. For the entire summer. Okay, so maybe abandon isn’t the right word to use here. More like, going-to-a-camp-for-super-smart-engineering-wannabes-who-will-probably-end-up-working-for-NASA-or-as-Disney-imagineers. And yes, I know that’s more than one word, but I don’t care. I don’t care about anything. Because Josie leaves tomorrow and I’ll be alone.


Well, I won’t technically be alone. My irritating little brother will be here. Which means all of his annoying friends will be here. Every. Single. Day. That’s why I’ve decided to refer to this summer as: Suckfest 2014.


My alarm started to go off again. I didn’t bother hitting the snooze; that was just delaying the inevitable. Maybe if I stayed in bed long enough, Mom would come up here and see my laying in bed and tell me I didn’t have to get up.


Five minutes later, Mom was knocking on my door.


“Winnie, you up?” she called through the Harry Potter poster-clad door.


I groaned weakly.


“I don’t speak zombie,” my mother said out in the hall.


“Just come in,” I whined.


“What’s the matter?” my mom asked as she opened the door.


“I don’t feel so good,” I said, making my face look as pitiful as possible.


“You know this day will continue to progress even if you stay in bed all day.”


She was on to me.


“I really don’t feel good,” I moaned. “Honest.”


“Arwen Renee Stephens,” my mother said in a stern voice. (Yes. My parents named me after an elven princess. They never even gave me a chance.) “You cannot hide from your problems. You are seventeen years old. You are far too old for these childish games. Get up, get dressed, and get going!”


I threw the blankets over my head and whined even louder.


“Winnie, come on,” my mother coaxed in a softer tone. “Seriously. If you get up now I’ll stop you by Starbucks on the way to school.”


“Fine,” I said, uncovering my head. “But I’m not just getting coffee. I want at least three cake pops.”




Try It Tuesday

It’s fall, y’all! The temperatures are dropping (although in Oklahoma its felt like mid-summer today) and its time for some hoodies, scarves, and crock pot meals!

(I don’t know about you, but I LURVE my crock pot. I used to use it at least twice a week and not just in the fall and winter.)

I saw this on Pinterest and was super excited because 1. I already had everything to make it (meaning no need to go to the store) and 2. three words: Stove Top Stuffing.


Here’s what you need:


~One box Stove Top Stuffing

~1 can Cream of Chicken soup

~1/2 cup sour cream

~3-4 chicken breasts (thawed)

~1/4 cup water

~a crockpot


First, place your thawed chicken breasts into your crockpot. Then, cover the chicken with the stuffing mix.

Stuffing in Crock Pot


Grab a medium-sized mixing bowl and pour in the soup, sour cream, and water. Mix well.

Soup Mixture



Pour the mixture on top of the stuffing mix in the crock pot. (Do NOT mix with the stuffing. Just pour the mixture on top.)

In Crock Pot



Then, cover and cook on low for four hours!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the finished product. Why? Because this dish was so stinking good that by the time I thought about taking a picture, every bit of it was GONE! It was sooooooo good! I’m DEFINITELY making this again!